A'a'suni WriteUp

A'a'suni 2227 C5468AD-5 S 300 Im M4 VI

A'a'suni and its moon, Inuirsuk, are binary planets, each spiraling around
a central point of gravity once every seven days, as they orbit the central
star. The planet is covered in layers of ice many kilometers thick and
the local life has adapted itself to the severe cold. A'a'suni has little to
recommend it other than it is the homeworld of a minor sophont species, the
Athar. The passifistic Athar are descended from six limbed carnivores. They
are rarely seen off-world as their ideal temperature is -130oC and they would
boil to death in normal human tolerances.

The world is actually run by a bureaucracy divided into a number of Councils,
all concerned with different aspects of life on A'A'Suni. Some of the most
important include the Council of the Environment, the Council of Provision,
and the Council of Defense. Usually a single extended family forms the core
of a Council, and is headed by the leader of the family.

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