Kurkhi WriteUp

Kurkhi 2228 C401578-8 S Ni Va Ic 514 Im M0 V

A small, cold world of little importance until the recent discovery of
valuable mineral resources in the planetoid belt that orbits close to the
primary. The discovery has led to the massive influx of prospectors and
support personnel to Kurkhi and the system now boasts a population of just
over half a million, four-fifths of which live within underground complexes
on Kurkhi itself.

As most of the water on Kurkhi, that is trapped as ice within the rocky
crust, is labelled as a fuel source for the planets huge power stations, fuel
for space- and starships is imported from the inner gas giant (Ankhi) and
refined at the starport. A consortium of big business led by SuSAg and backed
by the subsector government on Medurma are investing heavily in the upgrading
of the starport and the development of the system to cope with the expected

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