Zanish WriteUp

Zanish ( 2231 E6779AE-A Hi In ) circa 1116

Zanish is famed as the location of the Marou Tower. The undersea Marou
Tower is one of the engineering marvels of the Sector. The tower rises
from the bottom of a 10,000m trench to 1000m above sea-level and is
home to 900,000 people. The tower was started in 943 and completed in
1027. It was designed by the renowned Lancian architect Susma Pattnai
and won her the Alvaar prize. The arcology specialises in high pressure
chemical and metallurgical processes and deep oceanography. In 1074
Zanish's inept bureaucratic government was overthrown by Kayno Namaa, a
popular singer and financier. Kayno's dictatorship was benign, but in
1093 he was succeeded by his son, who had none of his father's
intelligence or skill. Miach Namaa is paranoid about being overthrown,
and so has done his best to tightly control the population and to limit
offworld contact. Zanish now has a police state, and the Class B
starport has been wrecked by Miach's Public Safety Police ( PSP ),
resulting in only Class E facilities being available.

Referee: Zanish is a major cause for concern amongst Truax nobility,
and intervention over the next few years is a distinct possibility.

David Burden (

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