Crout WriteUp

CROUT E4359CA-7 Rob Dean (

Population:3.4 billion

Crout is very overpopulated for its size and current tech level.
In addition, the outlook of its inhabitants borders on the xenophobic.
All of this leads to a very high-pressure and unstable situation.
Many starship captains would be reluctant to land here even if the
port facilities were better because of the resentment of the inhabi-
tants toward anyone perceived as being better off.
The current planetary administration has been in power since
1031, and is based on the annual election of four co-rulers from a
very limited pool of candidates. While public opinion remains suppor-
tive of the regime, sociological analysts predict that the repressive
measures recently enacted will precipitate a civil war within ten to
fifteen years.
Crout is very technologically backwards; the only area of unusual
expertise is in environmental control--greenhouses supply all food and
most of the breathing air. Recycle of biomass provides methane for
supplementary heating and power. There is a very strong cultural bias
toward self-sufficiency, so that each family should be capable of
growing its own food, repairing its own house, and so on. Communities
tend to center around glassworks, with self-sufficiency in this vital
area being judged on the community level.

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