Mulanje WriteUp

Mulanje ( 2306 E797410-9 C7 Ni ) circa 1116

Mulanje has a population of 74% Chirper, out of a 10,000 total. The
population is run as a collective with a joint humaniti/chirper
managing committee. The main actvities revolve around chirper foraging.
The society is of interest for the high level of humaniti/chirper
integration, many humans coming here to find a more "fundamental" way
of life. Whilst a few Droyne can be seen, the world has yielded no
relics of the Ancients. The system is notable in having four large gas
giants each with about a dozen satellites. There are many
xeno-archaeologists convinced that somewhere out there there is an
Ancient site waiting to be discovered.

Referee: There is; hidden half way up and behind a 20km ice-wall on
Imkir, the fourth moon of the third gas giant, Naan. The site contains
a Droyne monitoring station which was abandoned early in the Final War.

David Burden (

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