Ed WriteUp

Ed ( 2313 B57AA7A-F Hi In Wa ) circa 1116

Ed is home to the Sector's annual Miguel Chalice Grav Ball
championships. The top two teams from each of 13 subsector leagues and
the Archipelago league compete. For the fortnight of the competition Ed
is awash with visitors and hotel and berth space needs to be almost a
year in advance. The chalice competition runs from 170 to 183 every
year. The Count of Ed is a colourful figure in the Gushemege nobility
with unbounded ambition. He has often made speeches placing himself as
an alternate subsector Duke, and has even fancied himself as a sector
Duke. The Count of Ed does maintain quite a sizeable private army, and
often deploys his ostensibly colonial and system Squadrons to
neighbouring systems.

David Burden (david@innocom.demon.co.uk)

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