Ngoezrong WriteUp

World: Ngoezrong
Coordinates: 2316 (G0706)
UWP: B544896-9-A6P

This world in the homeworld of the Weiot, a small, non-spacefaring
species. Although they are quite numerous, the world is still a
part of the Democracy of Greats Vargr state.

Planet Physical Data
Diameter: 5500 Miles (8800 km)
Density: 5.5 (1.0 Earth)
World Mass: 0.244 Earth
Gravity: 0.625 G
Orbital Period: 252.099 Standard days
Rotation Period: 26.029 Standard hours
Axial Tilt: 20 degrees
Surface Atmospheric Pressure: 0.6 Atm.
Water Percentage: 37% (Tainted liquid water)
6 Major Oceans, 10 Small Seas, several scattered lakes.
1 Active Volcano

Political Data
10 Primary Cities
180 Medium-Large Cities
All major cities possess a class B starport except Met Nommi (C)
There are several orbital cities, and a single highport.
Economic Extensions:
Resources: 2
Labor: 7
Infrastructure: B
Culture: 6
Planetary demand: 11 RA
Base GWP: 71.28 RU
Finished Goods X: 1.0149
Interstellar Demand X: 1.01
Final GWP: 73.0655
Resource Trade: -5.6
Taxation Rate: 47%
Gov't Budget: 34.3408 RU
Civilian Expenses: 11.7291 RU
10 System Defense Boat Squadrons
Legal Profile: 6-7D5CD

This is the homeworld of the Weiot. They are a carbon based,
warm blooded, sentient species. A browsing herbavore, they are
based on the broad steppes of their world. A rare protien in some
of the vegitation of Ngoezrong is required of the Weiot. This
results in their being planet-bound.
The species is bilateral with 4 limbs ending in grasping paws having 4
digits. They are capable of holding items, yet lack the opposable thumb
wich gives humaniti such excellent dexterity. Normal movement takes place
in a horizontal position. They average 3'7" in height/length, and about
90 pounds in weight. Having fur, they have no tail, and possess a certain
rodent look about them. They do have small antlers, and have 2,
retractable fangs that are slightly poisonous (most animals being put to
sleep for 1-4 hours, or having nausea). A cast iron stomach give the
ability to eat almost anything, including things not normally food. They
do have a universal digestion.
The Weiot have a colonial societal structure. The nest is ruled by a
matriarch, or queen, who is the only member to give birth in the colony.
Only the top males are given the chance to mate, the ones chosen by
success as much as by physical reasons. The queen gives birth to several
(1d6) children in a litter, who are born pretty well developed. The young
require only moderate care, usually given by members of the colony who
are dedicated nurses. Though only one female is fertile in a colony, they
still have 2 sexes. Lifespan is similar to a human's.
A Weiot's senses are comparable to humaniti. They have a human type
voice and hearing. An average vision is complimented by a type of radar
that is poorly understood by scientists. They possess an absolute sense of
direction; an important evolution for an animal in the middle of the food
chain. They have a poor sense of smell, but better than average sense of
taste. Thier bodies have coloration which gives an indication of thier
place in the colony's hierarchy. Coloration can change, as can placement.
They have a slightly above average IQ, complimented with a 3D spatial
sense. The fur coat gives them a wide range of temperature tolerance.
As a species, they are quite paranoid. Centuries of being prey have given
them a hidebound level of incuriousness. As a colony, they are very
gregarious, having an almost hive mentality. They are sentient, having a
language and culture of thier own. Broadminded, they are a sensitive lot.
Racial averages
Strength: 5
Dexterity: 8
Constitution: 11

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