Ildrissar WriteUp

World: Ildrissar
Subsector: Drexilthar
Sector: Reavers' Deep
Coordinates: 2326 (K0706)
UWP: C995836-7

Ildrissar attempted to secceed from the Carrillian Assembly in 1110. The
rebellion was crushed by 1114. There is still some scattered guerilla
activity resulting in an Amber travel classification.

Starport: Routine
Size: Large (13600-15200 km)
Atmosphere: Dense, tainted
Hydrographics: 50% water
Population: 300 million
Govt: Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy
Law Level: Moderate
Technology: Pre-Stellar
Planetoid Belts: 0
Gas Giants: 0

Allegiance: Carrillian Assembly
Bases: None
Trade Codes: None
Travel Zone: Amber

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