Ffudn WriteUp

FFUDN A41489D-C Rob Dean (robdean@access.digex.net)

Population: 940,000,000
Tech Level in 1105: 8

The planetary government concluded a treaty with Glisten in 1109
for major technological assistance in return for a monopoly on the
export of radioactives. The colony was founded from Glisten in 726
when exploitable quantities of superheavy elements were discovered.
The current bureaucratic administration is a direct descendent of the
Glisten MinCol Department which was responsible for the planet prior
to the declaration of independence in 877. In the early 900's, the
population was almost completely converted to Khargin, a stoic and
introspective religion of Vilani origin. The population increased
drastically and the technological level fell off as more of the pla-
net's resources were turned to maintaining subsistence. by the time
the treaty was signed in 1108, the tech level had fallen to 8, and the
exploitation of the resources that were the colony's initial purpose
had long since ceased. At present, offworld visitors are restricted
to the vicinity of the starport, and the population is closely con-
trolled because of the scarcity of resources.
Imports of food are duty free, and generally can be sold for 10-
30% over the expected value. (20-40% if the trader is willing to take
payment in barter). Exports are radioactives (restricted to holders
of Glisten MinTrade licenses) and heavy metals.

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