Chipoka WriteUp

Chipoka ( 2335 C666766-8 Ag Ri ) circa 1116

Chipoka is home to the Ceblel Psionic Institute. The Ceblel Institue
was secretly founded in 800 after the Psionic Suppression had subsided.
The Institue specialises in research into telemobility. The institutes
cover is drug research, drawing on the richness of Chipoka's agriflora.
As well as medicinal and recreational drugs the Ceblel also makes
PsiDrugs which are distributed to other institutes engaged on Psionic
and Neurotek research. One of the most popular drugs is Gamlestaden, a
cyber-rejection inhibitor. "Gam" has a street value of 2KCr per shot.
Referee: Rumours persist that Ceblel is spearheading Imperial research
into Jump Commandoes for service against the Zhodani in the Spinward
Marches. The rumour is true, but is more of a private venture than an
Imperial funded activity.

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