Bendor WriteUp

BENDOR A756656-C Rob Dean (

Bendor is about as nice a place as you can imagine. Except for
the thin atmosphere, the planet is extremely earth-like. The popula-
tion is small, and the Marquis likes it that way. No immigration is
permitted, but visitors are welcome. Much of the planet's agricultur-
al activity is automated, with robotics mostly being imported from
Glisten. Bendor is a favorite vacation spot in the region, and hotels
are very common in a variety of settings from mountains to shore and
from temperate to tropical. Since it is ruled directly by an Imperial
noble, cooperation with the Navy base is good, and there is little
friction. Unusual exports include karakka nuts (native to the planet
and impossible to cultivate in quantity elsewhere), a variety of
perfumes, and a number of excellent wines with a lot of snob appeal.
These latter can be found for export occasionally (Formidable, Trader,
1 day, success produces 3d6 bottles at 2d6*50 credits each).

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