Githiaski WriteUp

Githiaski (Dartho/Antares 2406)
A789886-C Lo Ni 830
Allegiance: Imperial

Githiaski is home to one of the more interesting minor races of the
Imperium, the Githiaskio. The Githiaskio (also known as Squids) are
evolved from aquatic omnivore scavenger/gatherers. They are
invertebrate, but have developed an inner supporting "cage" of a
gristle- or cartilage-like substance; they physically resemble Terran
giant squids more than anything else.

The Vilani were either uninterested in or unaware of the intelligent
Githiaskio during their period of hegemony over the area; no records of
them appear until near the end of the Long Night. The planet is
covered with relatively shallow seas; there are few continents, and
those that exist are small and swampy. Most life on Githiaski is in
the sea, with a wide variety of both plants and lower animal forms.
Sediment records (there are few fossils; nature on Githiaski never
invented vertebrates) indicate that the planet passed through a period
of severe geological and volcanic activity; these appear to have
changed current patterns and polluted the air and water, forcing the
pre-intelligent Githiaskio to cooperate more closely for survival, and
making intelligence a survival trait. The rough parallels with several
theories of the development of human intelligence are striking, the
more so because the Githiaskio have proven to have a psychological
makeup so similar to that of humans that human psychoanalytical
techniques are as effective on Githiaskio as they are on humans.

When they were discovered, the Githiaskio had developed civilizations
that had achieved TL1 or TL2, but without metals, as metals are
impossible to refine or work with underwater. They had developed
stonework and the use of vegetable fibers to a high level, and once
contacted by human traders, exchanges of knowledge benefited both.
Over time, agreements were reached to import processed metals and
technology in exchange for Githiaskio expertise in underwater work, and
in the similar field of zero-G work; there are also many Githiaskio
academics on other worlds in the area, and there is a profitable
tourism industry on Githiaski itself.

Githiaskio absolutely require immersion in water; exposure to air
causes physical irritation and pain through dehydration, and death in
only a few minutes. Water suits, such as those used by Dolphins and
Schalli, will prevent this, but Githiaskio will still suffer severe
internal injuries if support equivalent to that provided by water is
not available and the Githiaskio is not in zero-G. Generally,
Githiaskio travel in water tanks of at least 2 tons displacement with
gravitational control.

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