Kikhi Zun WriteUp

Kikhi Zun ( 2415 B77A445-A A Ni Wa ) circa 1116

The water world of Kikhi Zun is best known for the presence there of
the Phileas Barrier. The Phileas Barrier was started in 797 and took
120 years to complete. The barrier encloses 10^13 sq. km. and provides
the only large area of dry land on the planet. The project was jointly
funded by the Imperial Navy and by the local government. The methane
tint in the sea made life on this otherwise terran prime world
difficult. The reclaiming of a large area of land enabled the
inhabitants to get away from the irritant mist that surrounded the
small islands that they previously settled, and establish new
settlements based on conventional building and farming techniques.

David Burden (

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