Kieaasu WriteUp

Kieaasu ( 2425 E430576-6 Ni Po De ) circa 1116

The Kieaasu Va Research Facility ( KVRF ) is a system wide research
station dedicated to the study of gas giant aerolife and related gentic
engineering and terraforming issues. Elt has a rich variety of native
aerolife, and this is kept as a quarantined area. Podero is a zoo
composed of imported and geneered aerolifeforms. Temom is the centre
for terrafoming studies, although terraforming here relates to
improving fuel purity and making a living, biological chemical refining
plant. The small gas giant Kusda is used for geneering and terraforming
experiments, with several Elt lifeforms having been introduced. Whilst
KVRF is based in orbital and lunar facilities the planet has a
fragmented society of various settler groups who are engaged in small
scale terraforming opertions with the assistance of KVRF. Kieaasu, with
its near Sol-prime star, has become a popular destination for
break-away settlers and social refugees.

David Burden (

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