For'star WriteUp

For'star 2426 A623025-A S Lo Ni Po 505 Im M2 V M9 D

This planet is inhabited purely as a transport junction. The planet is famous
for its totally hostile environment. The air carries microscopic parasites
which dissolve the lungs from the inside, the soil contains micro-organisms
capable of surviving the toughest decontam. procedures which inject the host
with minute traces of deadly poison. The forests and jungle are filled with
creatures which can kill in seconds. The entire planet is poisonous to
mammalian lifeforms. For this reason, all staff, mostly Dashian indentured,
serve a maximum 3 month tour of duty. The most well known export is the
Laggaa, a small domesticated "pet" with high intelligence, loyalty and the
ability to spit its venom up to 20 metres with extreme accuracy.

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