Esusar WriteUp

Esusar (Maidza/Mendan 2435)
A79A658-C J Ni Wa Cp 724
Allegiance: Julian Prot. (Ukhanzi Coord.)

Esusar is the capital of the Ukhanzi Coordinate. Its seven million people
live in a single floating city on the surface of the world-ocean; there is
no point where the crust rises as high as 1,000 meters below surface level.

The population of Esusar is approximately 60% Human; however, the Vargr
population is politically more active, with approximately 60% of all offices
held by Vargr. The remainder of the Ukhanzi Coordinate has a slight Vargr
majority; many Vargr are descendants of Vargr refugees from Imperial mis-
treatment. Sentiment against the Imperium runs higher in the Ukhanzi
Coordinate than elsewhere in the Protectorate; although a large amount of
Imperial trade comes through the Coordinate, a far stronger influence on the
economy comes from trade dispatched from the Ukhanzi Coordinate and Pirbarish
Starlane spinward toward the Windhorn.

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