Susadi WriteUp

Susadi ( 2439 A8C1977-F Hi Fl ) circa 1116

Susadi has an insiduous atmosphere with a major hydrogen boride
component. In the cold reaches of Susadi's orbit the majority of HB on
the planet is in the form of HB ice. This ice is reckoned by many to
offer the best surface for ski sports in Gushemege. Every 4 years
Gushemege sports-sentients brave Susadi's atmosphere to try their
skills on the infra-black runs of Coincidence, the major resort on the
planet. Despite high degrees of personal protection deaths are common
on Coincidence's slopes, and Susadi has gained a reputation as one of
the great "dares" of Gushemege's younger, and lesser, nobility.

David Burden (

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