Shiramuunir WriteUp

Shiramuunir ( 2507 C444AC8-F S Hi In ) circa 1116

Shiramuunir is one of the major centres of Lancian culture. Settled by
Vilani and Kukhunen during the Ziru Sirka its development closely
followed that of Kukhun, and the world adopted the Lancian philosophy
soon after recontact in the early -100s. Like many Lancian worlds the
citizenry is happy to leave the matter of government and law making to
professionals whilst they get on with the serious business of life. On
Shiramuunir governmental power has been invested in a broadly empowered
provost force. All major decisions of policy direction are decided by
electronic plebiscite but there after the provost manage the
implementation of the necessary laws, and also enforce them. Whilst
such an approach may seem strange to many it is eminently sensible to
many Lancians. Since it is the provosts' job to enforce laws, no matter
what they are, why shouldn't they also make and judge them. You do not
end up with unenforceable laws, only sensible ones. All was fine on
Shiramuunir until 1115 when a dramatic scandal broke involving senior
provost officers. Shiramuunir's news channel, ORTF, revealed that the
provost had been using a waterborne drug to subdue the populace of the
city of Iahen, where the local Ultra group had been the source of
constant attention. This was seen as a gross abuse of power and a
referendum only narrowly voted not to disband the provost there and
then. Shiramuunir continues as before but the peoples' faith in their
government has been profoundly shaken.

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