Etwefrewa WriteUp

Etwefrewa ( 2527 B366547-9 Ag Ni ) circa 1116

On 283-1110 a 50 million ton 1 km diameter asteroid crashed into
Etwefrewa. The months of warning had enabled a large percentage of the
planet's 700,000 population to be moved safely to Feirpend or
accommodated in maximum protection housing. In the end some 90,000
people died in the collision. The violent event stopped short of
cracking Etwefrewa's small sphere open but has had a disasterous effect
on the planet's atmosphere and climate, knocking the planet 40 degrees
off tilt. Since 1110 the IISS assisted by ZKK have done their best to
restabilise the planet and help the population to recover. Although
Etwefrewa will take many decades to regain its former agricultural fame
many have been surprised at just how good the 1115 vrine crop was.

David Burden (

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