Dix WriteUp

Dix E8CA343-A W Fl Pr Lo Ni Wa -- Dakin Burdick (9/96)

Dix is a prison planet. Technology transfer to the system is restricted,
which makes escape from Dix extremely difficult. The 6,000 prisoners
are the only permanent residents on the planet itself. The guards and
prison administration are to be found in an orbiting station, along
with a System Defense Boat base. The prisoners live in an ovoid floating
base that must be constantly repaired or it would degenerate in the
atmosphere and be destroyed. Monthly supply drops are made by a robot
drone ship, which stays on planet only 10 minutes to drop its cargo.
There is no parole from Dix; a conviction that leads a prisoner here is
a death sentence. It is a world without land masses, and the prison camp
floats in an ocean of acid. The atmosphere itself is insidious and will
defeat any vacc suit in 2d6 hours.

Few prisoners survive on Dix for more than 10 years; the oldest prisoner
is Farak Sbar, who is 65 years old and has survived on Dix an amazing
35 years. The prisoners operate fairly democratically, primarily
under the direction of oldtimers like Sbar. Most of the prisoners' time
is devoted to repairing the base and the few vacc suits still in working
order. Prisoners may send and receive email (monitored and censored,
of course) so many use this method of recreation. A small but fanatical
escape committee continues to work on a plan to build a submersible
capable of reaching the ocean's floor to mine needed materials. Few of
the other prisoners support this action, but since the committee operates
out of their own supplies, they are left alone.

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