Morgenstern WriteUp

Morganstern E999589-A Ni An -- Dakin Burdick (9/96)

The outstanding point of Morganstern, aside from its oppressively
thick atmosphere, is the presence of the Morgenstern Airlords. The
Airlords are a race of winged men, weighing an average of 100 kg.
Biologists have determined that the Airlords were probably the result
of Ancient tampering with the human genetic pattern. Mentally, the
Airlords are human. Physically, they have small, almost midget bodies
compared to the enormous leather wings projecting from their backs.
Their black skin protects them from the sun as they spiral aloft for
much of their life. Their eyes are larger than other humans, and would
bulge from their head were it not for the enlarged occipital lobes and
frontal ridge. In the past, they went nude and used only simple tools
hanging from a belt around their waist. Now they use modern tools
and technology, and most are willing to wear swimsuits to placate the
sensibilities of their visitors. If taken as player characters, treat
the Airlords as human but with the following modifications: -3 ST, +3 EN,
-3 ED, and -3 SO.

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