Imarshas WriteUp

Imarshas ( 2627 C9C69EE-9 S Hi Fl ) circa 1116

Imarshas is a hell-hole of a planet whose settlers have been attracted
by its mineral rich hot seas. The oceans are full of extensive
suspensions of sulphur and chlorine compunds and these are "harvested"
by giant factory ships. Imarshas is ruled by Tostadi Ra, the high
priestess of a break-away sect of the Gangal'Waer ( q.v. ). The Ra'Waer
beleive that god takes a more constant interest in their work and so
devotion is performed "1 in 20", normally 1 hour in every 20, but for
priests and extreme devotees 1 minute in every 20 as well. The high
preist is a semi-heriditary appointment, circulating between the 20
leading families. Tostadi Ra has been a benign ruler, and has served to
counteract some of the worst excesses of her predecessor.

David Burden (

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