Shang Ti WriteUp

World: Shang Ti
Subsector: Chhung Kuo
Sector: Crucis Margin
Coordinates: 2702 (D0302)
UWP: C67A839-C

Allegiance: Chhung Kuo
Bases: None
Trade Codes: Wa
Travel Zone: Green

The third planet out in a system of tem, Shang Ti is a rapidly industrialising
world. it has an unusually large population for a waterworld of its type and
has specialised in biologically produced industrial raw materials. In
cooperation with several K'kree Herd/Corporations, extensive programs of
development have been successful in finding ways of biologically developing
complex metalo-organic synthesis intermediates on a cost-competitive basis. A
traditionalist family/clan structure has provided a stable basis for an
Oligarchic government. Inter-family feuds have caused considerable turmoil in
the past, but strong repressive measures taken after an especially violent
outbreak a century and a quarter ago have proved effective. The ruling council
plans to continue its program of introducing more complex industry and
technology to make Shang Ti a major industrial centre of the Chhung Kuo.

The inner two planets of the system are minor rocks less than 2000 km in
diameter and have no satellites. Shang Ti has one moon, 3400 km in diameter.
The fourth and fifth are airless rocks 4500 and 5100 km in diameter with no
satellites. The sixth orbital position is held by an Asteroid Belt. The seventh
planet is a gas giant with six minor rocks as satellites. The eighth planet is
a large gas giant with nine satellites, all but two of which are minor rocks.
The two are significant worlds of 3900 and 5100 km diameter. The ninth and
tenth planets are rocks of 5800 and 6200 km diameter with a crust of frozen

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