Bruyrkna WriteUp

Bruyrkna ( 2715 C8B179B-B S Fl ) circa 1116

Bruyrkna is a hot chloric world lying just off the major spacelanes.
All the settled areas are within enclosed arcologies, and are primarily
there to support the mineral extraction industries, although there is
also a large percentage that come because of a fascination with
Bruyrkna's colourful swirling chlorine clouds. The world is a favourite
case study for atmospheric physicists and politics students alike.
Bruyrkna has a seemingly inverted government. The policies are set by
an executive congress of the managing board of the Police, the 10
wealthiest Bruyrkna, the inter-denominational Religious Council, and
the Land Owners' Association. The congress meets twice a year, and in
between meetings delegates law making to the Congress Legislative
Chairman who governs through the Bruyrknar civil service.

David Burden (

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