Shakhamash WriteUp

Shakhamash ( 2716 A94A99A-G N Hi In Wa Cs ) circa 1116

Subsector capital of Isi Ahto, Shakhamash ( also known as SHK ) lies on
the boundary of the Lancian Cultural Region. The world itself is not
strongly Lancian, and has more in common with the more industrial
worlds to rim. A water world, Shakhamash has a very strong mining
industry, particularly radioactives and raw hydrocarbons, and is well
regarded for its intrinsically safe and harsh environment robots. The
world has a company style government, with each district and function
being run as the subsidiary of a world "holding company". The World
Holding Company CEO is a man known simply as Trintel. Pig-tailed,
bearded, smartly dressed and never without his wry smile Trintel is
known throughout the sector as a most ruthless and scheming business
man who never shirks from ways to make money. Shakhamash is
orchestrated by him into one enormous industrial force, with outside
ownership of companies being tightly regulated, and all internal
business dealings of any sort having to be "signed-off" by a government
representative. One of the few examples of Lancian influence is the
fact that all Shakhamashi are effectively employed by and payed by the
state, not by the company they work for. Shakhamash can be a nightmare
for free-traders trying to sell or buy, and the services of a local and
knowledgeable agent are vital. On Shakhamash the major government
departments are production, marketing, information, and human
resources. Need more be said?

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