Raiden WriteUp

Raiden E49A8A8-9 Wa -- Dakin Burdick (9/96)

Raiden is a thickly populated world, but it is also a water world. The
majority of the Raiden populace lives on nomadic shipping fleets that
scour the world's oceans for food, stopping only occasionally at Mekri,
the largest island on the planet. Mekri is also the location of the
local starport, such as it is, and it is for this reason that the locals
are very concerned about the recent discovery of a colony of the Grayhost
of Leikung. Several tiny Firecracker plants have also been found, and in
disturbing proximity to the Mekri starport. The local governor, Sir Alaks
Macade, is attempting to get permission from the domain goverment to allow
him to eradicate the firecrackers, but it is feared that this may create
hostilities between the Grayhost and the residents of Raiden.

Aside from this local controversy, the most interesting thing about Raiden
is the incredibly powerful electrical storms that rage across the skies.
Visiting starships may find themselves downed temporarily by such a storm
destroying vital electronic circuits.

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