Irkhun WriteUp

Irkhun ( 2730 C4508B6-7 Po De ) circa 1116

The desert world of Irkhun was the site of a major bioagent accident
that had the drastic effect of inducing long term memory loss. This has
had a catastrophic impact on the local population and technology level.
Irkhuni now have a memory that rapidly deteriorates after 48 hours and
so there is great emphasis on making, carrying, and referring to
records. The long term acquisition and development of knowledge and
skills, other than natural functions, has been made impossible unless
there is total and continuous dedication. The effect on social
relationships has been similarly devastating. The accident occured in
841 and a research station has been based there ever since. The
offending agent was declared scrubbed in 1032 but by then it had gained
a genetic foothold. Many travellers find gainful employment on Irkhun
as "memories" for rich Irkhuni. The planet is also a good market for
personal information systems.

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