Melantris WriteUp


Dynchia Homeworld
Intelligent minor race of humaniti, native to Melantris.
Dynchia are about 2.2m in height and weigh about 100 kg. They are slender
and long-limbed. Skin tones range from pale to bronze-tan; hair colour is
usually brown or black, but snowy white hair is not uncommon. The Dynchia
have six fingers on each hand, and six toes on each foot. Their teeth
actually consist of two bony "jaws" (as if their teeth had been fused
into one upper and one lower "jaw") with fang-like extrusions. These
physical differences appear to have been geneered by the Ancients.
Dynchia have absolute equality of the sexes; prejudice against or
protection of one sex is psychologically impossible. A Dynchia is not a
citizen of a particular world; he is a member of a clan, which in turn is
a member of a tribe. A tribe may rule anywhere, as territory is not
They posses a very honor-driven society. They are warrior individualists
in an un-warlike culture. That is, they never make war upon their own
race, although fights, duels, and challenges are common, as is a warrior
ethic. Their culture is completely independant of territory. The social
basis of Dynchia mentality is a deep sense of honour, both personal and
as part of their clan or tribe. The general religion of the Dynchia is
reverence for ancestors and worship of tribal heroes. To be false to
one's honour is to forfeit a chance to become a revered ancestor.

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