Ka Maz WriteUp

Ka Maz ( 2807 X380464-5 Ni De R ) circa 1116

The desert world of Ka Maz carries Red Zone status due to the long
lasting effects of a water bonding agent released during the
Pacification Campaign. The agent, known as Khiizud, turned all the
water on the planet into crystals. The agent even affected the water
that was in the mucus, sap and other fluids of the planet's flora and
fauna, and rapidly killed off most life on Ka Maz. The agent is now
largely inactive due to the lack of non-crystallised water. The few
remaining inhabitants of the planet survive in underground settlements
and travel to the surface in stillsuits. The Red Zone status is
maintained to prevent any spreading of the agent.

David Burden (david@innocom.demon.co.uk)

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