Redring WriteUp

Redring (Nisaga/Empty Quarter 2816)
E000248-8 As Lo Ni A510
Allegiance: Julian Prot. (Lorean Hegem.)

Redring takes its name from the high level of iron in the many iron-bearing
bodies in the belt - much of the iron is stored in oxides that have the
characteristic reddish color, giving the belt a distinct red tint when seen
from a distance.

The Redring system is unusual in that it has multiple belts, but no gas
giants or other bodies of significant mass in the system; although no
evidence has been found to support the hypothesis, current beliefs in the
absence of any other "workable" theory are that the belts are the result
of the destruction of planetary bodies during the Ancients' Final War.

The second belt in the system is referred to as "the icebelt"; there is an
unusually high percentage of icy bodies in the belt. These icy bodies
represent the only source of fuel in the system.

The entire population of the system is a ragtag group of belters, most of
whom have outstanding warrants in other Protectorate states, or in the
Imperium. Their government is a "community meeting" whose primary purpose
is to settle disputes over claims within the belt. The meeting also decides
who will represent the belt to nearby systems for the purpose of selling
what little material of value they can find.

The classification as "Potentially Hazardous" (equivalent to the Imperial
TAS classification of "Amber Zone") is due to the possible existence of
dangerous Ancient artifacts, and to the generally unfriendly attitudes of
the inhabitants of the system.

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