Winnenauer WriteUp

Winneauer B756437-D Ni -- Dakin Burdick (9/96)

Winneauer is labeled an amber zone due to the presence of a minor race
that poses a possible threat to human visitors.

The Obopobel are a race of carnivores (sirens) that inhabit the seas of
Winneauer. Weighing in at an average of 3,200 kg., they most resemble
the giant squid of ancient Earth. They are imposing on a physical level
alone, with a giant mouth that does 6d6+6 hits of damage. It has nine
tentacles (3 long ones to drag prey in, 6 short ones for close-range
manipulation). It takes about 49 hits (12D6) to knock an Obopodel
unconscious, and it takes a further 30 hits (6D6) to kill it once it's
down, due to the heavily armored skull! The tentacles and the rest of
the body are not armored at all, which means that travellers who
encounter one of these beasts should concentrate on destroying the
tentacles first, and then tackle the main bulk once its mobility has
been reduced. As if this wasn't bad enough, the Obopobel also exude
a chemical lure that intoxicates its prey (including humans unfortunately)
and leads them to the source. For this reason, swimming is NOT allowed
at most Winneauer beaches. The lure is able to penetrate most wetsuits
as well, which means that only humans in hardsuits are able to navigate
the waters in safety (but watch out for those tentacles!). Of course,
the Obopobel are also sentient and able to manipulate tools, which makes
them masters of their domain. They have never had much use for
technology, but as their war with humankind increases, there are rumors
of Obopobel research bases deep within the sea valleys.

Obviously the seas of Winneauer are far from safe, but the Obopobel are
restricted to the seas and life on land proceeds relatively normally.
The inhabitants are very tanned, and of Germanic background.

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