Rashiidaa WriteUp

Rashiidaa ( 2837 B380445-B Ni De ) circa 1116

Rashiidaa is a desert world inhabited by the Azwhew people. The Azwhew
of Rashiidaa are of Vilani descent and settled the world around -5000.
If it were not for the lack of water Rashiidaa would be a very
attractive world. Its low gravity makes physical work easy, and its
dense atmosphere means that there is always plenty of oxygen to draw
on. Rashiidaa has no native life, perhaps because of a high original
oxygen content, and the Azwhew survived through harvesting transplanted
succulents which grow like inverted trees in the sand, extracting all
the buried moisture. Over time the Azwhew have adapted to the
conditions so their bodies operate at a very low metabolic rate, taking
maximum advantage of conditions, and minimising the need for water and
food. With the coming of higher technology most food is now grown in
vast greenhouses but many Azwhew still follow the traditional ways and
live a contemplative life amongst the dunes and rocky steppe travelling
from oasis to oasis. It is customary amongst the Azwhew for the women
to eat first and the men to have what is left; this was essential when
the most demanding action required of an Awhew was child-bearing and
rearing, and the more masculine activities were less in demand than on
most planets. Although the race has grown out of this old fashioned
custom it does hangover in restaurants, were technically only women are
served. The Azwhew are a peaceful but conservative race who have not
been to welcoming of the recent suggestions that Rashiidaa be

David Burden (david@innocom.demon.co.uk)

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