Gadarur WriteUp

Gadarur A5019B7-E Cp Hi In Na Va Ic -- Dakin Burdick (9/96)

Gadarur is the subsector capital. It is also one of the oldest vacuum
world settlements in this sector. Visitors are well-advised to take the
historic tour of the capital, which includes a visit to a reproduction of
the earliest known dome on the planet, as well as a trip to a personal
shelter used in the Long Night. Last, but certainly not least, visitors
may travel to Old Startown, a re-enactment of life in a frontier startown
during the First Imperium including knife-fights every hour on the hour
in the "Lax Oreile Bar and Grill."

Visitors with less of a tourist motivation to visit Gadarur may plumb the
unreconstructed lower tunnels of Old Gadarur, which then as now attracts
only the most disreputable merchants. The existence of this ghetto
region, linked with the great number of lesser starports and airlocks
leading off of Gadarur proper, makes smuggling a relatively easy task in
this system. If the players want to buy illegal weapons, this is a great
spot to do it!

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