Mendan WriteUp

Mendan (Mendan/Mendan 2909)
A768988-E J Hi Cp 332
Allegiance: Julian Prot. (Cmnwlth of Mendan)

Mendan was the capital of the sector under the Vilani; it also was the
coreward anchor of Vilani influence in the region, although commercial,
military, and cultural activity continued on into Gashikan, along the Mendan
Main. After the fall of the Rule of Man, it became a regional capital of the
Second Empire of Gashikan; after the collapse of the Second Empire, Mendan
and many of the worlds it administered chose instead to associate themselves
with the Julian Protectorate rather than the Third Empire of Gashikan. Today
these worlds form the Commonwealth of Mendan, and Mendan retains its place as
the capital.

Since joining the Protectorate, a strong effort to overcome the legacy of
race hatred has had some effect; increased trade with the rest of the
Protectorate and Mendan's influence in this area of space have combined to
spread this increased tolerance throughout the coreward areas of the sector.
It is generally acknowledged that there is still a long way to go; in recent
years, Mendan has actively encouraged the Menderes Corporations to take a
more active stance on social issues, and many appointed positions of high
influence have been awarded to Vargr and to immigrants from the rimward areas
of the Protectorate, so that these people may serve as examples and encourage
the spread of Human/Vargr tolerance.

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