Izir WriteUp

Izir 2917 (H0507) UWP: D989567-6 Ni O:(2915)

Izir is a stormy, dense-aired, oceanic world in orbit of a star which
gives off frequent solar flares. These flares prevented the colonists from
using radio commucations. GenAssist decided to geneer the colonists giving
them speech and hearing that extends into the subsonic range. This allows the
colonists to commuicate over the many kilometers of the great Ardun Archipelago.
Iziri (as the colonists are called) have a bullet-shaped head with
long ears that reach from near the top of their heads down to the bottom of the
neck. Large vocal cords extend from the sides of the neck to front bottom of
the neck. The big ears have caused some to call the Iziri 'Dimbos' after an
ancient Terran children's video program.

(This data was taken from MegaTraveller Alien Vol. 2: Solomani & Aslan by Digest
Group Publications. Copyright 1991.) The dimbos comment was added by Douglas

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