Naeztir WriteUp

Naeztir (2920) lies a full 6 parsecs away from it's closest neighbor,
Farr (2319). Lying within the depths of the Windhorn, it has become a
haven for those seeking refuge from the tumultuousness of Vargr society.
It is a haven for political fugitives, religious heretics, hermits, and
other ideological misfits. Despite the fact that the ideologies of the
refugees range all over the spectrum, each group respects the others'
rights to sovereignty and access to the starport.

All new arrivals seeking to establish a homestead must apply for
citizenship, which is then voted upon by each of the nation states. The
process can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months and helps to weed
out those whose "agenda" would directly interfere with the rights of
other nation states. In the meantime, applicants remain at the starport,
which lies within neutral territory.

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