Leikung WriteUp

Leikung C798555-B Ag Ni Rs -- Dakin Burdick (9/96)

Leikung is blessed with rich and beautiful floral life, making it the
showplace of the subsector. It is also home to the Grayhost, a colony
of microscopic organisms who unite into a single sentient entity.
The Grayhost are found on the sea coasts of Leikung, and spend part
of their life in the water as well as out of it. The Grayhost range
in size from youthful 50 kg. piles to ancient sagging piles of 400 kg.
or more. The younger Grayhosts are generally found out of the water;
the larger and older ones are found in the sea. The Grayhosts have no
weapons to speak of, but can devour or suffocate creatures they envelop.
Treat this attack as 1d6 of damage per round once they envelop, or up
to 2d6 per round for the largest Grayhosts (400 kg. and up). Stats for
the Grayhosts are based on the size of the colony. For every 50 kg.
in the colony, the Grayhost gets the following characteristic points:

ST:2 DX:3 EN:1 IN:3 ED:1 SO:0

The Grayhost were already a spacefaring race by the time the humans
arrived in this subsector. They used a peculiar plant known as the
Firecracker to the colonists to achieve orbit, and even to travel to
other systems. The Firecracker actually grows a form of rocket fuel
naturally in its root system. Above ground, the plant is hard as
iron and appears as a rounded cone from 2-4 meters when fully grown.
The Grayhost has some means of entering the hollow bole in the center
of the cone that has not yet been ascertained, bringing forth a local
theory that the Grayhost actually biologically engineered the Firecracker
plant for this specific use. When mature, the root ignites and explodes,
propelling most of the Firecracker heads into space. Once in vacuum, the
Grayhost go into a state of frozen hibernation that allows them to survive
the long travel through space.

Human communication with the Grayhost has so far been minimal, but early
human efforts to destroy the dangerous Firecracker plant resulted in a
brief war during which the planet tetered on the brink of ecological
collapse. A form of truce was reached, but there remains little contact
between the races. The only thing known for certain about the culture of
the Grayhost is that they enjoy manufactured glass items, and have been
known to gather old Coke bottles or lost diamond rings and ensconce them
near their home in small underwater caves.

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