Taeahtaho WriteUp

Taeahtaho ( 2930 D887331-5 S Lo Ni ) circa 1116

Taeahtaho is typical of one of Gushemege's Aslan worlds. The world is
ruled by the Ua-wairlew clan, and Alsan make up 83% of the population.
Of the remaining sentiency most are humaniti, and some 90% are of clan
status. Taeahtaho was colonised by Aslan during the great Ihatei
expansion of the first millenia PI which led to most of the Aslan
colonies in the sector. However Taeahtaho was not as successful a
colony as its neighbour Hkeakewoirea', and most colonist deserted
Taeahtaho for the better life on Hkeakewoirea'. The Taeahtaho Alsan
have regular links with their bretheren in the Hierate, but like most
Gushemege Aslan they have developed many of their own unique traits.

David Burden (david@innocom.demon.co.uk)

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