Eralt WriteUp

Eralt ( 2937 CAB8410-8 S Ni Fl ) circa 1116

Eralt is an undesireable world having a highly corrosive atmosphere
with a dominance of chloric/sulphuric acid vapour. Surface temperature
ranges between 323 and 373K. The relatively high surface gravity and
heavy molecular composition of the atmosphere combine to give the "air"
an oily feel, and Eralt is known by its few inhabitants as "old napalm
world". The locals are the remnants of a long abandoned Solomani
geneered colonisation effort. The Eralti live in underground caverns
and the occasional domed city. They have been geneered to have a very
thick, almost hide-like, skin, with no surface hair. A thick
translucent membrane covers their eyes when in the open, and their
respiratory system has been modified to an extent to cope with the
acidic atmosphere. Even with the modifications the Eralti can only stay
outside for up to 6 hours before suffering ill effects. The Eralti are
a very uneasy people, who see little hop for their future, and scratch
out a very meager existence from the geo-extraction industry. A scout
base has been established to provide help and assistance to the rather
wretched people who live on the planet.

David Burden (

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