Fuqui WriteUp

Fuqui ( 3002 C533689-6 C0 Na Ni Po ) circa 1116

The world of Fuqui is an astrographic novelty since it is the only
world in the system. Imkhak, the red sub-dwarf star, stands watch over
a near empty solar system. Apart from Fuqui there are a few dozen
sub-kilometre sized asteroids and comets but nothing else.
Astrographers have been tempted to link Imkhak's strange system with
the Ancients and the small Chriper population, but meteor analysis of
Fuqui's surface has suggested that the system was never particularly
rich in rocky bodies. Leading theories include a captured planet, a
silicon poor accretion disk, and an Ancient enigma.

Referee: Fuqui is in fact a natural phenonema due to an unusually poor
concentration of silica and metals in the original gas cloud. The
system intrigued Grandfather who planted a primitive Droyne grouping on
the world to see how they coped with the silent sky. To even his
amazement the Droyne regressed over generations, losing drive and
imagination, and eventually reverted to a chirper from.

David Burden (david@innocom.demon.co.uk)

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