Vell WriteUp

Vell ( 3014 E667687-7 Ag Ni Ri ) circa 1116

Vell is one of the most pleasant worlds in the subsector, with a large
proportion of the planet given over to organic livestock and arable
farming. Most of the sector's agrocombines and interested
megacorporations have permanent offices at Rye, the world's capital.
Vell is also home to the Sadetha Agrobotany Congress, a five yearly
event that sees agriculturalists from around the sector converge on
Vell's Interstellar Convention Centre. Hot topics at the congress
include the latest in bioneered plants and high yield production
methods for non-agricultual worlds.

Referee: The Sadetha congress is also a battleground for the big
agrocombines and baby megas. Industrial espionage is high on
everybody's list and there are plenty of opportunities for bona fide
security specialists.

David Burden (

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