Suysu WriteUp

Suysu ( 3023 C0008CC-C S Na As A ) circa 1116

The Suysu system is a not a place to be visited lightly. Its Amber zone
posting is due to the rough hued denizens who dwell there. The Susysu
system was the scene of a crystals rush in 733 and although the zuchai
crystals were soon spent the Suysu belt was found to be rich in mineral
bearing Nickel-Iron asteroids. The miners and prospectors came to stay,
along with a following of spaceship repair, banking, and security
firms. Nearly four hundred years later they are still there. Suysu Belt
is governed by a council of directors of the leading businesses. Suysu
itself is the corporate and governmental centre, with a high law level
enforced by Datuum Security, a private security firm. Frequent pirate
raids along the Oulpath and nearby XBoat routes and mineral raids
against Oieakh ( 2924 ) have been attributed to Suysu. The situation
has however brought Suysu close to war with the Aslan worlds of Oieakh
and Hkeakewoirea'. The scout bases at Goye and Suysu have stepped up
policing of the area and IN squadrons at Vohitsara have carried out a
number of cutlass rattling exercises in the area.

Referee: Suysu is also the home of Brisse's Brigands, a pirate band
acting with Suysu government sanction. Brisse's Brigands have 5 armed
merchants, 2 corsairs, a scout and a Broadsword class cruiser. The
ships average TL11. There are close links between Brisse and Datuum

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