Uskent WriteUp

Uskent ( 3039 C55A002-C Lo Ni Wa ) circa 1116

Uskent is an Imperial Marine Reserve, with Class C port facilities
available in orbit, and only landing pads dirtside. Uskent is a popular
tourist and scientific destination, although tourist access is
carefully controlled. Amongst the many fascinating indigenous marine
creatures is the Namiir. The Namiir is an empathic carnivore which
lurkes around the saragossa seas of Uskent, lying still under a thin
layer of sand. When prey approaches it sends out psionic empathy
signals which pull the prey towards it out of intense curiosity. Many
creatures literally swim straight into its waiting mouth. The Namiir
has a similar effect on humans, and most visitors to the planet wear
psi-helms when swimming.

David Burden (

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