Yta Akat WriteUp

Yta Akat ( 3103 X8B0564-4 Ni De R ) circa 1116

Like Ka Maz, Yta Akat is a Red Zone desert world. But whereas Ka Maz is
a conventional desert Yta Akat is waterless due to its corrosive
atmosphere. The Red Zone classification is because Yta Akat is home to
one of the few minor races to have evolved in such an atmosphere. The
Lumu are a vaguely crustacean race and bear many parallel evolutionary
characteristics with the Eshaar Ashah of Far Frontiers. Like the Eshaar
Ashah the Lumu have a silicon-based physiology and a chemosynthetic
metabolism. The Lumu have a domed carpace, a pair of specialised front
manipulators, and 4 pairs of legs. IISS interdiction and surveillance
satellites keep watch on the development of the Lumu.

David Burden (

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