Ladi WriteUp

Ladi ( 3140 B43279D-E Na Po ) circa 1116

Ladi is characterised by its very high law level. Unlike many high law
worlds though the Ladians see such a law level as the natural state of
affairs, and believe overwhelmingly in priveleged security over general
individual liberty. Every private and public space on Ladi can
potentially be viewed by security cameras or "secure-bots". In addition
every citizen has a wrist implant which allows continual location,
health, and voice monitoring, and all communications are subject to
analysis. For the visitor this law and order can seem oppressive,
especially since off-worlder's are subject to the same high code, being
issued with security bracelets on arrival. The Ladians maintain that
such measures prevent societies from degenerating into havens of
sedition and lawlessness, and allow citizens to go safely about their
own business. The Ladian need for a cocooned environment also shows in
its governmental system which is based on a heriditary bureaucracy. The
bureaucracy is housed in the Gallacci Arcology and its members rarely
leave the complex, relying on their security monitors to tell them what
the people want and think.

David Burden (

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