Gijon WriteUp

World: Gijon
Subsector: Asturias
Sector: Crucis Margin
Coordinates: 3220 (H0810)
UWP: C480204-9-5M

Allegiance: Crucis, Cast Faction
Trade Codes: De
Travel Zone: Green

This planet is inhospitable to Human life and has little native life of its
own. That life which it does have is all desert specialised. In the dense
atmosphere, storms are frequent and fierce. A Mining Station exploits a large
deposit of rare earth minerals and a few hardy prospectors seek out and work
smaller deposits. Water is processed from hydrous minerals for life support
purposes and for fuel manufacture. Deposits are playing out and some of the
population has emigrated.
Twelve planets comprise this systems the innermost five being bare rocks of
2000 km or less. Gijon is fifth and has one 1000 km diameter rock as a
satellite. Sixth, seventh and eighth are larger rocks of about 3000 km diameter
with several minor rocks for satellites. Ninth and tenth are Gas Giants with
21 minor rocks for satellites between them. Large numbers of ice asteroids
orbit in the trailing Trojan position of the ninth planet and tentative plans
have been advanced to bombard Gijon with them to raise the Hydrographic
Percentage. The last two positions are occupied by minor rocks with thin crusts
of frozen gases.

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