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    Alpha Leonis - Credits
    The sector's original 1115 data was taken from the Second Survey online
    data. The 1200 data was generated by various members of the TNE-RCES
    mailing list:
      Subsector    Creator
         A         Idiot/Savant    (
         B         Robert Beck     (
         C         Eamon Watters   (E.Watters@Queens-Belfast.AC.UK)
         D         Lewis Roberts   (
         E         Chris Griffen   (
         F         Eamon Watters   (E.Watters@Queens-Belfast.AC.UK)
         G         Nicolas Lejeune (
         H         Nicolas Lejeune (
         I         Harold Hale     (
         J         Harold Hale     (
         K         Nicolas Lejeune (
         L         Nicolas Lejeune (
         M         Jeff Brawley    (
         N         Nicolas Lejeune (
         O         Nicolas Lejeune (
         P         Chris Griffen   (
    Idiot/Savant did the initial conversion to Galactic format, Lewis Roberts
    adding numerous world write-ups from the BARD pages.

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