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    Gvurrdon Sector - Credits
    Roger Myhre  developed the Gvurrdon Sector.

    Sector Map


                             GVURRDON SECTOR TNE UPDATE
                                    Roger Myhre
       Gvurrdon sector is one of the most dynamic Vargr sectors in charted
       space. It is also the sector which has had Vargr presence a long
       period of time, compared to other sectors with Vargr presence. This
       area of space has been shaped by the close presence of the Imperium in
       its time, and by the Zhodani. A host of Minor races are also present,
       making this sector a cockingpot for adventurers. The first explorers
       reached Gvurrdon about -2900. There has been presented evidence of
       earlier expeditions, but many do disclaim these evidence, hen they are
       not been investigated in full.
       As the time went by, interstellar empires rose and fell. The only
       interstellar government that can boast at least 800 years of existence
       is Society of Equals (SoE). However as with the old Imperium, this
       group can't show a record of having one type of rule all this time.
       The old Imperium was somekind of a feudal government with the Emperor
       or Empress at the top. SoE has had its borders changing constantly.
       The central government changed just as often, along with its name. In
       800 the SoE formed the government it has now. However from this period
       up to now, the rulers has shifted just as often as before. The only
       thing that has been consistent, is the constitution of the state.
       From 1111 to 1116 SoE had a bloody war with Thirz Empire, which is an
       interstellar monarchy. The new king at that time did an excellent job
       rallying the troops when SoE attacked, winning the war at the end. The
       years after the war the relation between these two worlds was tense at
       the best. In 1126 some of the worlds that Thirz managed to conquer was
       handed back. Prior to this many of these worlds had revolted on Thirz.
       Some wanted independence, others wanted to be handed back, others
       wouldn't. It all was settled with democratic voting. Something that
       was difficult on the worlds that Thirz had taken. The archives didn't
       list all the adult citizens as voters. A long and difficult job it was
       to sort out this, because those who where voters didn't want the non
       voters to get voting privileges.
       In the middle of all this Rukh and Anti-Rukh clashed in a war that
       left deep marks in the society of both groups. Anti-Rukh did not have
       a chance repelling the attack, when Rukh outnumbered them at least 15
       to 1. However undercover groups inside Rukh managed to pull off a lot
       of destructive terrorist acts that shock the foundation of Rukh. The
       war itself lasted only a couple of months, but the mopping up took
       nearly a year. And even today Okozarrga (1336) is still a radioactive
       globe, glowing with its own radiation.
       In 1160 Rukh experiences internal difficulties. Political historians
       speculate that when the Anti-Rukh was removed, the rulers did not have
       anything to gather the populace against. Before the Rukh War the
       populace was aligned against Anti-Rukh. Now when that presence was
       gone the population started to look inwards and complain about several
       things. Sophont rights was one of the major issues. A civil war broke
       out short after. Luckily enough, most of the fighting was done in
       space. Various fleet commanders and admirals thought they held the
       answer, and with their Charisma they managed to recruit a lot of young
       aspiring Vargr. As the fleets held control over space the worlds
       themselves didn't fight much with each other when they actually had
       other objectives than the fleet. When the fleets had expended most of
       their strength in useless fighting, a lot of officers experienced
       their Charisma coming crashing down on their heads.
       The central government of Rukh was reduced. What remained of the
       fleets started to look for supporters in the various worlds. Thus
       Worlds of Leader Rukh started to fall from each other. Several small
       states did form up. And several worlds did also become independent, or
       did not link up with someone in fear of getting attacked by the others
       as reprisals.
       In this environment the Kforuzeng did find a lucrative market. When
       the fleets had expended most of their strength, a corsair band could
       operate quite safe. From 1160 to 1165 they contract out forces to
       various faction, being careful not to end up on both sides of the
       conflict. In 1165 they decided to move into one of the faction in all.
       The faction did hold quite a lot of resources, but the political, and
       military will and strength had been diminished in the conflicts.
       Kforuzeng that had been looking for a new central base since the old
       one got blown up by the Regency navy in 1130, moved in and took
       control over the government. This has increased the popularity of
       Kforuzeng among other corsair groups.
       In 1172 Gvaeknoks did the same as Kforuzeng. They had experienced more
       and more problems with the relation between Thirz and SoE. Trading
       between these two groups became more and more problematic. The two
       groups believed that Gvaeknoks spied for the other side. Thus the
       Gvaeknoks looked for a new base to place their headquarters. They ound
       one of the splinter groups of old Rukh being a prime candidate. They
       took control over the government by erecting the runaway economy. They
       did become so popular that they managed to get control over the
       government. They soon called themselves Gvaeknoks Trade Union. New
       trade routes was established.
       This part of space is still a place of skirmishes between the groups,
       but they are rather limited. The Zhodani has made their presence in
       this part of space more visible, protecting their interest. The two
       largest enemies are the Kforuzeng controlled The Freedom League Also
       called Corsair's Den and Gvaeknoks Trade Union. These two has weekly
       skirmishes with each other. Something that makes travel among these
       two a bit risky.
       The news about the Virus, and the diplomatic pressure from Regency
       about the same thing made the factions for once pull together (sort
       of) to prevent a disaster. Very little effect reached Gvurrdon at all.
       Trailing parts of Thoengling Empire lying in Tuglikki sector
       experienced some damages in 1140, but because of the forewarning from
       Regency the damages was minor. Thoengling has always had good
       relations to the old Imperium, and foster now good relations with
       Regency. A freak accident in 1146 nearly wiped out Gvurrdon as a
       political factor in the Spinward area. A small group of Vampire ships
       managed to penetrate the defenses in Thoengling, and within weeks the
       Capital feel to the vicious Virous. The Thoengling had to withdraw,
       just sacrificing worlds in the process. Whats left of Thoengling is
       just a handful worlds. And now they are really committed. A snafu like
       this are not going to be repeated, and the naval presence here is
       heavy. No one is admitted to a world without rigouros search and
       quarantine for uncertified vessels.
       Even for the Virus threat, the factions did continue to fight among
       themselves as usual, but by pressure from Regency, the faction stopped
       to use ABC weapons (Atomic, Bacteriological and Chemical). There has
       been reported nuclear weapon use in Gvurrdon, but then those have only
       been reported used in space. And those reports has not been confirmed

    Library Data

                            GVURRDON SECTOR LIBRARY DATA
                                    Roger Myhre
       Alloulloukde Tosoekh:
              One of the biggest ship warfs in the Gvurrdon sector. It is
              based at Aengvoung (1726). It is reputed for its contact net
              for connecting potential buyers to patrons for financing of
              crafts. It boast that many of the crafts the Kforuzeng corsair
              band uses are bought from them.
       Church of the Chosen One: 
              This is a religious sect which has their base at Aegadh
              (Gvurrdon 1317). They are the world rulers there. The sect
              believes that the Ancients made the Vargr to populate this part
              of the galaxy. The church does not worship the ancients, but
              just asks the devotees to be faithful and to trust the church.
              The church do not have any holy book as most other churches,
              but it boast an Ancient artifact that the church claims to be a
              two way communicator with the Ancients. This has not been
              proven when the artifact is looked up on as holy, and no one
              has been allowed to inspect it scientifically. The powerbase of
              the church has been waning since it were founded about 300
              years ago. The number of devotees was quite steady during the
              Rebellion. They did note a slightly increase in 1125 to 1127,
              but frorm there the number dropped steadily. So now they have
              turned inward, and redirecting their resources to prove once
              and for all that the Vargr is the heir to the Universe.
       Denner (expr):
              Common name for Vargr from Freedom League, or more commonly
              named Corsairs' Den.
       Dzen Aeng Kho:
              (Society of Equals.) This allegiance despite its name are
              soldier based. To prove that you can be equal, you have to
              manage to go through a dangerous test that could severely
              cripple those who are unlucky. All non soldier professions are
              looked upon as under rated beings. Medical profession is an
              exception to this when medics are important to save the life of
              a wounded soldier. Anyone can try to become an equal no matter
              what his or hers background is. Those who fail the test is
              denied access to any soldier career. Even the cubs from an
              equal have to prove itself as an equal before a soldier career
              are open for the candidate. Equals and non equals are not
              permitted mate with each other. The test can be taken anytime
              during the life, but it is wise to take it early when young and
              old have to go through the same test. The central body of the
              government are mainly built up by former military career
              personnel that have retired active duty. Only equals can vote
              in the parliament or run for some sort of governmental office.
              REFEREE: For characters that are born in Dzen Aeng Kho, they
              have to roll this task before they choose one of the following
              careers: Any military Officer, Leader, Aristocrat and Law
              Difficult, Willpower
              Referee: On a Catastrophic Failure roll 1D+1 and subtract STR,
              AGL and CON of the indicated amount. Example: The PC rolls a 4.
              He must subtract 2 from STR and one from both AGL and CON. For
              those who manage this task give a CHA+1. If the parents of the
              character is rated equal give a -1 on the above task. The
              parents are rated equal on a roll of 15+ on 1D20
       Edge, The (Expr):
              A terminlogy used of the political state between Thirz Empire,
              and Society of Equals. Their "Cold War" status has everyone on
              their toes. If a break in the quarantine line it will most
              likely be in Society of Equals. They are zealously watchinh
              what Thirz Empire do, rather than watching their border against
              the Virus. Their oppinions in The Spinward Assembly are also a
              conflict. It looks like that they oppose each others ideas,
              suggestions just for the spite of it. More than one time
              Zhodani representatives had had to cool down the Thirz Empire
              representatives. However as there is no-one is holding Society
              of Equals in leash they seem to do and say whatever they will.
              However everyone are starting to get a bit tired of them. And
              regency has started to put on some pressure, but it hasn't
              taken any action, as a war will surely open the quarantine line
              for the advance of the Virus.
       Extends line contract:
              A contract between the Oberlindes Lines and the government on
              Ougzdaelzoerrgh, Gvurrdon (2040). The contract gives Oberlindes
              lines allowance to use the starport on Ougzdaelzoerrgh for
              trading and supplying post for starships that are going into
              the extends. This contract where vital for the Oberlindes to
              get when the recent hostilities between Vargr forces and the
              DoD forces started in 1117. Oberlindes met much resistance in
              the Empire when they first took initiative in mid 1119 to
              reopen their routes into Gvurrdon, when it got closed by the
              hostilities. The line into Gvurrdon sector starts at Dentus,
              Spinward Marches (2201). During the war against the Kedzudh and
              Kforuzeng alliance, the Imperial Navy had undercover agents
              working on this base. Starport at Ougzdaelzoerrgh got upgraded
              to type A after signing a contract with Oberlindes Lines.
              Oberlindes have a 47% share in the starport.
       Fair Witness:
              A new type of careers that has appeared in Thoengling Empire.
              It all started with a proposition from the Thoengling cemtral
              government to train certain high intellect Vargr to mediate in
              conflicts and stay in as fair and correct witnesses. After a
              few years several corporations started to use fair Witnesses in
              contract negotiations. Today anyone can hire a fair witness if
              they can pay the price. A Fair Witness will report anything he
              experiences, without giving his own oppinion on what did
              transpire at a given event. Thus sometimes hiring a fair
              witness can backfire, because many believe that the fair
              witness will give testimony in the customers favor. A Fair
              witness cost from 2000cr hour to the astronomical millions.
              An institute that have specialized on educating sophonts that
              do not have the capability or money to spend to go to a normal
              college or university. FEKI is short for Fo Engragvaegkfu
              Kuerrgars Ingaez. Which can be translated to The School of Many
              Worlds. Costumers are usually from low populated worlds and/or
              belts. They support a wide array of courses that can be taken.
              From simple courses like drawing to more demanding things like
              medical or engineering courses that takes a year or two to run.
              The appliances are collected by mail, and a course package are
              then sent to the pupil. What the course package contains
              depends on the course taken. From just a few books to computer
              software or computers specially made for the course taken.
              Homebase is on Ouse Faeg/Ksits Uathu Odzuetarug (1724). During
              the Virus craze FEKI almost got bankrupted. All the more
              advanced courses was not selling when they relied on computers.
              However as the fear from the Virus dropped the costumers came
              back, and the more advanced courses started to sell again.
       Gnoerrgh Rukh Lloell: 
              (Anti-Rukh coalition). This is a coalition of worlds that did
              not rally behind the Great Leader Rukh in 972. Rukh's Charisma
              forced billions to to his cause. However many worlds rimward of
              Saell which had secured economic ties with worlds around Saell,
              would not rally to Rukh, so they established Gnoerrgh Rukh
              Lloell. In the beginning they did not manage to do much damage
              to the Rukh Aegz, but in the latest 10 years several worlds
              spinward of Saell have pulled out of the Aegz, when it proved
              unable to protect the worlds against terrorist acts and other
              anti-Rukh operations. It disappeared as a political entity in
              1123 when Rukh attacked. The war was over in matter of months,
              but the mopping up took more than a year. Anti-Rukh managed to
              deal some heavy blows to Rukh even when they was outnumbered 15
              to one. The reason for this was the deep undercover groups
              inside Rukh.
       Kfan Uzangou: 
              A periodical newsletter which are distributed through out the
              Gvurrdon sector. The newsletter released its first issue in 864
              (Imperial). The newsletter fresh and boasting reports soon got
              popular in other systems, so that the print had to be
              increased. In 987 the format changed from paper to cheap
              microchip format, which then could be accessed by most
              computers. The paper format have not disappeared totally, but
              the print is just 4% of total distribution. Kfan Uzangou (White
              Fangs) has its main office at Gvurrdon (0821). In 1127 the
              magazine started to distribute to Spinward Marches. However as
              the treat from the Virus became apparent, Regency put down a
              blockade. KU couldn't change to paper format, when this would
              sky rocket the distribution cost. KU took then contact with one
              of the small media distributors of Spinward Marches, called
              Spinward Media Expression (SME). They would get the text on
              optical readable microfilm, while the interior art and pictures
              would be put on ordinary dias. SME would then put the magazine
              on holocrystals, or in paper print. In Regency the magazine is
              distributed on the Galanglic name White Fangs.
       Oulaekho Arms:
              A weapon producer with its main office and production plant on
              Saell. It sells weapons to most worlds in Gvurrdon. The Firm do
              also have several subsidaries around the Spinward part of
              Gvurrdon. Gvaeknoks do also have a share in their weapon
              production plant on Ghenkerongolu (Gvurrdon 1528). This plant
              is called Dokhoullae.
              A minor psionic institute in Gvurrdon. It does not have any
              fixed base, when it changes location time to time. The Sibiatl
              are a cooperation between the Zhodani and Vargr psionics to
              broaden the knowledge of psionics among Vargr in the in the
              spinward part of Gvurrdon sector. In addition to teach psionics
              it gives classes on just general information.
              REFEREE: The Sibiatl are well reputed among the Vargr in the
              Thirz Empire. The psionic training courses cost approximate
              240,000Cr. and takes about 5 months. Initial testing cost 12000
              credits. An information course cost 2000 credits, and is held 5
              days with 2 hours a day. 
       Spinward Assembly, The:
              A crisis council which was established by the initiative of
              Archduke Norris in 1132 to coordinate knowledge and operations
              in how to fight the Virus. Its presence (The Assembly) has been
              quite visible in Gvurrdon, as the Vargr has proven unable to
              dam up against the Virus effectively. only in the few latter 20
              years that the Vargr has managed to get on top of the situation
              by quarantine restrictions. The assembly got the following
              members: Regency, Zhodani Consulate, Aslan Hierate, Thirz
              Empire, Society of Equals, Thoengling Empire. In addition
              several smaller states has observer status in this assembly. If
              and when a thrust into the infected areas are going to take
              place, this assembly will surely have a hand in the game.
       TeeBee (Toothless Bastard [expr, org: re]):
              An curse originally from Regency. It was first used against
              those Vargr that worked as crew on infected starships. Those
              Vargr are generally of low Charisma, thus not very desireable
              by other Vargr as followers. Used against other Vargr will
              certainly spell trouble. The Virus has by itself no Charsima,
              and thus no appeal to the common Vargr, but those who are in
              their employ voluntarily or not.
       The Equality War:
              This war were fought between the Society of Equals and Thirz
              Empire. The war raged from 1111 to 1116. In this war Society of
              Equals lost much territory. Society of Equals did also lose
              their capitol system, Dzuerongvae (1413), but the rulers
              managed to escape. This forced the Society of equals to move
              the capitol. The new capitol is now at Taeksoudhanou (1623).
       The Glass bond:
              The alliance between Kedzudh Aeng and Kforuzeng corsair band
              were called the Glass Bond, when it appeared fragile when the
              allegiance first were signed. However the success the
              allegiance have earned in the invasion of The Spinward Marches
              have apparently strengthened this allegiance. Imperial analysts
              speculate that the allegiance may fall apart now that the
              forces to Norris have been able to stop the constant advance of
              the Vargr. The Glass Bond broke up in 1129, when Kedzudh
              declared that the campaign in Spinward Marches was a success,
              and that further action was not desirable.
       Therrg's First Reasoning:
              Therrg is one of the representatives of "The Spinward
              Assembly", and represents Thirz Empire. He do also have
              connections with Church of the Chosen One. He had a reasoning
              that has been quoted to the lenght that it has become a cliche.
              "If the Virus is intelligent, why do we then curse It for Its
              acts that every intelligent lifeforms has shown a inclination
              for? Of course because we all bash our friends head in every
              now and then does not make Its (Virus) acts more tolerable. It
              only explains the entropy of the universe." Therrg's Second
              Reasoning: "That day the computer talks to me I'll throw it out
              of the window."
              Cptn L. A. Slastinger's addition: "Has anyone told him that his
              office is underground?"
       Thirz Empire:
              The second largest interstellar state in Gvurrdon. It got close
              bonds with Zhodani,and the presence of psi capable vargr here
              is large. About 12% off all inhabitants here have been tested
              and/or trained. The entire state are viewed as a large client
              state of Zhodani by others in Gvurrdon. Zhodani have a large
              contigent of both military and economical advisors in this
              state. The reason to this is that the Zhodani by its close
              relationship with the government can limit the number on
              corsair raids inside their borders.
              An avian alien race native to Tirrokoelaeks (Gvurrdon 1821).
              The Tirrils lives at TL 0. Which would classify them as barely
              sentient. The Vargr which first took contact with them, hunted
              them for their fine feather hide. But when it became evident
              that the birds were sentient, all hunting ceased. The Tirrils
              are protected from hunting. Any killing of a Tirril for their
              hide is penalized with death. The Tirrils are about 150
              centimeter high, and got bright colors from blood red to deep
              navy blue. The chest and abdomen are generally white or silver
              grey. They got a 15 centimeter long beak like a gull and
              powerful claws they use to dig in the earth for Lummi roots or
              insects. What's curious about the Tirrils are that they have
              excellent mathematical knowledge. Some are so good that they
              can calculate the jump coordinates and data for a distances up
              to one parsec without the aid of a computer. Some Vargr
              merchants use Tirrils onboard their vessels for entertainment
              and for their excellent mathematical skill. The language of the
              Tirrils are consisting of whistling and body posture. Very few
              have been able to learn their language without specific aiding
              tools as flutes. Those who have been most successful with
              learning their language have usually good musical skill. Most
              humans may be able to do basic communication with just
              whistling with their lips. Vargr have proven unable to
              communicate without flutes or language computers. Tirrils can
              with great difficulty learn some Vargr languages. But human
              languages are easier for them to learn. This is due to the
              specific development of their vocal cords. Tirrils are popular
              on Tirrokoelaegz for their beautiful sing song skills, and are
              often employed at taverns and inns for entertainment. When the
              Tirrils are lacking manipulators they usually do not wear
              clothes or use tools. However a few Vargr corporations have
              built waldos that the Tirrils may use. However few do make use
              of the waldos when they constrain them from flying.
       Tongaesodhongaell massacre:
              During the Equality war Tongaesodhongaell/Gvurrdon (1015) were
              heavily attacked by nuclear and chemical weapons. Most of those
              who could not afford the overpriced tickets out of the system
              before the attacking fleet reached the world, got killed in the
              attack.The world are Interdicted by the Thirz Empire because of
              the high radiation level. The world is still interdicted for
              reasons unknown. There has also been a number of voices that
              demand that the ancestors of the survivors are to be evacuated,
              but the Thirz Empire don't want to for some reason.
              Ukekhaedha which can be translated to: Ritual of Charismatic
              honor. This is a duel fought to death. The ritual have its
              roots from Fukoezo (Gvurrdon 2702). The ritual have been law
              regulated the latest since early 900. This has been done so
              that the number of duels to the death was not to going to
              deplete populace of males, which are the only gender which can
              do this ritual. To perform the ritual the offended part must
              get approval from the court to do so. If the court finds the
              offended part got good reason to re-install his charisma, the
              ritual is permitted. However the requester get one week to cool
              off to see if he changes his mind. The ritual is performed like
              Firstly the combatants undress completely, and donn loincloths.
              Both get a gun with one poison dart. The combatants then
              selects how far from each other they will stand. The closest
              range permitted are 7 meters and 21 meters at most. The guns
              are holstered when the ritual really starts. First the
              Oenurzksan (the patient wait) starts. Here the two combatants
              tries out wait each other. Sometimes one of the combatants
              chicken out and wont go through with the ritual. Longer the
              wait more Charisma will the offended part get back, if he wins
              the duel. He will also get back more charisma if he is the last
              to draw the gun to shot when the action starts. Some even waits
              until the other one has fired his gun before he fires his own.
              If both miss their shots, the duel is ended and the offended
              part cannot make another try. If the offender survives he will
              not get any benefit than his life. If the offended part
              survives he may get back all the charisma depending on how long
              the wait was and how he performed overall. If both parts die,
              the duel is noted as an unresolved matter and the case is
              closed. To be permitted to do this type of duel, you must have
              experienced a major loss of charisma and economical loss. Off
              worlders cannot under any circumstances perform this ritual in
              a legal way. There have been some cases where humans have been
              performing this ritual illegally, when they have offended a
              (nation of Urukhu). A former Interstellar empire which
              consisted of the following systems: 2806 Ukokhuvoen, 2807
              Kaekfesa, 2808 Dorrorue, 2908 Kutsgarrae, 3107 Ozago.
              After Urukhu died in 1112 the nation started to collapse. The
              nation were on its highest at 1103, when they managed to fend
              off a attack from the Thoengling Empire. However the war effort
              did take its toll on the Urukhu nation. Urukhu died in an
              assassination attempt at an age of 54 years. Who which are
              responsible for the act are unknown, but the Lliegz corsair
              band are suspected. The Lliegz band tried to establish two
              bases in the nation just after the war with the Thoengling
              empire. Urukhu would not have them there, and the constant
              battle with the corsairs depleted the limited naval forces even
              more. The Lliengz corsair band were splintered in 1116 by
              internal disputes.
       Uthith Fleet:
              Fleet of the Ekhlle Ksafi (40th squadron) based at Uthith
              (Gvurrdon 1738). During the FFW, it occupied Yorbund (Spinward
              Marches 2403) and Heya (Spinward Marches 2402), but did not
              press further, spending much time mopping up and consolidating.
              After the Gireel Fleet was destroyed destroyed at beck's World,
              the Imperial 212nd fleet forces Uthith back. On 252-1109,
              Admiral Thuekhs negotiated a separate peace and withdrew the
              Uthith fleet from Regina subsector. Many vargr veterans of the
              heyan occupation commonly have souvenirs, particulary bottles
              of fine Heyan liquors. When the Oekhos tirades, presented
              through a Vargr entertainment device called Utovogh wass
              released. These devices became increasingly popular in the Ve
              Ekhlle Ksafi space. Several voices started to demand action
              against the Imperials for the defeat during the FFW. However
              nothing has happened when the fleet to Ve Ekhlle was virtually
              non-existent. The 40th squadron did built a lot of new ships in
              the period 1123 to 1170. The number of ships quadrupled. This
              seems much, but when the fleet only consisted of a handfull of
              light cruisers, that was bearably serviceable, the build-up
              wasn't considered a threat by Regency. However Regency do keep
              an eye out for trouble.
       Voronol Knaergh:
              (925-1005 Imperial). Famous Vargr architect. He have designed
              many buildings in the Rukh Aegz alliance. His pride are the
              Taknarkag city, which he used 10 years in drawing.
              Unfortunately he did not live long enough to se the first
              stages of the city being completed.
              A group of infected Vargr ships. As pre-virus vargr starships
              was quite low on maintained standard, Vargr ships that has been
              infected has their best strenght when they operate in numbers.
              The onset of the Virus forced dthe vargr governments to set up
              stricter standards to starships. Something that made a post
              Virus starships more able to withstand a Virus infection. And
              also to battle them in a space combat as their equipment
              standards are higher than infected crafts.

    Aliens of Gvurrdon

                              ALIENS OF GVURRDON SECTOR
                                    By Roger Myhre
       As most other places in charted space, the universe is teeming with
       life. Gvurrdon is no exception. I have thus decided to make a short
       run down on the minor races that are present in Gvurrdon. Bear one
       thing in mind, none of this are official to date, and I do not know if
       there is any official minor race present in Gvurrdon. So if any of you
       out there got any modules explaining minor races in Gvurrdon I would
       like to hear from you.
       The number of minor races in Gvurrdon isn't large. Neither are they
       well known when most of their worlds are dominated by Vargr presence,
       or rulership. These are the worlds with a minor race present, native
       to the world.
       World                Hex  UWP         Codes           PBG   Race
       Fufoekkfal           0112 E638688-7   Ni Si           912   Katl*'latl
       Angudh               0401 E7A77BA-B C Fl Si           721   Bwampbs
       Inghinfudzolorz      1037 B6A5786-8   Fl Si           343   Jaylay-yay
       Raezarourkollarrakhs 1126 C466634-B   Ni Si           621   Xienner
       Tirrokoelaegz        1821 B463645-A   Ni Ri Sv        312   Tirril
       Aellaesgvarzath      2128 A231365-G   Lo Ni Po O:2129 210
       Gaekloungoerzaghun   2129 A697A78-G   Hi In Si        834   Ungrest
       Fae Kodh             2536 D445313-7   Lo Ni Sv        301   Bzruellokh
       Ozago                3107 C331731-7   Na Po Si        501   Opliaraz
       Note that these stats are updated to TNE (1200 Imperial). Do also note
       that system 2128 has no native aliens, but that race from 2129 has
       colonized 2128. The codes: Si stands for Native Sophont race in
       control of Government. Sv stands for Native Sophont race, but Vargr in
       control of Government.
       The Katl*'latl is a amphibian race that are able to live on land as in
       water. The combined gill and lunge system sees to this. However they
       may not stay on land too long or they freeze up, as their planet got
       temperatures in the far sub zeros. They are about 1.5 meters high. A
       bit stocky, but quite agile. On the head and back they got a sand
       colored fur that are impregnated time to time to prevent it from
       getting wet. Elsewhere they got black or dark grey leathery skin.
       Their hands have 6 digits each and 2 thumps on each hand. The digits
       got 5 joints, and are webbed out to the fourth joint. Their legs is
       configurated as human legs, but they got 3 toes which are fairly long.
       The toes are webbed. They got flat noses and two eyes that are spaced
       far from each other, giving an effectively 210 degree field of vision.
       Their vision is not as good as human. Their hearing is another matter.
       They are capable of hearing sounds that are in the deep sub-sonic.
       Underwater the Katl*'latl navigate with smells and sonar. They emit
       high frequency pitches that reflects back to them, just like Dolphins.
       Underwater this may also be used as weapon against small targets as
       fish. Communication underwater is made by sub-sonic sounds that carry
       well in water. On the surface, they use the same language, but the
       pitch is changed so that it goes better with the thin air.
       Katl*'latl may move around in different environment, but they got some
       physical limits. Gravities higher than 1.3 may be harmful for them. So
       is temperatures above 240C. Water temperatures at this level are
       avoided at all cost. In air this is somewhat easier to avoid by
       donning suits when travelling off world. If the Air temperature is
       between -1 and -40 degrees Celsius they produce anti-coolant liquid
       that is pumped into the bloodstream. They can operate outside in lower
       temperatures, but only a few minutes.
       This race is bizarre, not only that, but the world is utterly hostile
       to most other races. Evolved on a world with temperatures in the far
       sub zero range, has trapped this race on this planet. That has not
       however stooped them from making their own space program.
       They breath a mix of Hydrogen and Chlorine. Something that would
       normally classify them as an active race, burning energy at high rate.
       However this is not so with this race. They are large weights about
       400 kilos each, the female is a bit larger. They are carnivorous, with
       a different method of getting food, than other carnivore races. It
       uses Psionics to trap its prey, which are eaten alive. This easy
       hunting method forced them to adapt when their prey got scarce. Thus
       they began with domesticating of food animals. This lead to their
       introduction to sentience. Contact with Vargr later on, improved their
       Their skin is leathery and yellow, with a iridescent green tinge. they
       got 2 eyes looking straight forward, but their eyesight is rather
       poor. They are good at detecting movements, but for detail study they
       are not good enough. They got six limps, the forward pair has evolved
       into arms, which are a bit stocky, making their appearance clumsy.
       Their head is small, apparently too small for such a large body.
       However their brain is not situated in the head, but in the chest
       cavity. The lack of brain in the head makes it rather flat and narrow,
       with two radar dishes standing out from the sides, which actually are
       their ears. Usually they don't wear clothes, but for ease of
       identification for off worlders, they wear a colored bandolier over
       their shoulder.
       An amphibian race, that uses most of its time on the surface. Prior to
       contact with Vargr, they had developed only rudimentary technology. A
       few places had reached early iron age.
       This race has one rare ability that has not been observed in a such
       advanced race. And that is the ability to give electric shocks. But
       this does not mean that the Jaylay-yay is immune electric shocks
       themselves. If the target is insulated, it will backfire. In water the
       target just has to be close to the Jaylay-yay to work. However the
       effect is then 360 degrees out from the Jaylay-yay.
       The Jaylay-yay is omnivorous. They are lightly built, massing an
       average of 75Kg. They got 4 fingers on each of their two hands. The
       hands are webbed, but not all the way out. Their toes are not webbed
       at all. Their head holds four eyes configurated such that the upper
       pair is the only part that is above the surface when they swim in
       water. However studies show that the upper pair has been weakening
       over the generations, due to disuse. Their skin is scaled like a fish,
       but near the joints it goes over to more leathery substance. Their
       color varies from all the colors in the rainbow, something that makes
       it easy to tell the individuals apart.
       This race comes from a world which are fairly warm, and got quite high
       air humidity. Much of the planet is covered by large forests and
       jungles. The Xienner descends from a stock of omnivorous primates,
       just like Humans. Although for this similarity, there is no way there
       can be confusion between Humans and Xienners.
       Xienners got slim graceful bodies. Their average height is about
       180cm. They got a 150cm tail. They are bipedal with digitigrade legs.
       Their forelimbs are long and slender, with 5 fingered hands. Their
       body is covered with fur which are white or golden, with shades in
       between. Their face looks somewhat like a baboon, but covered with
       short and stiff hairs. The nose got long whiskers. The tails is good
       enough to pick up items like bags and key rings and the like. However
       it is not capable to carry much weight.
       One thing that is unique to this race is their shape change ability.
       They are not shape changer in the meaning that they can alter their
       features from original shape to sludge or a human. But they can change
       their shape so that the body, limbs and the like get configurated
       better to do the work at hand. This ability is controlled by an enzyme
       that is let out into the bloodstream. The ability to generate more of
       this enzyme diminish with age, so old Xienners can't shape change at
       This shape change would have made them perfect soldiers, but they are
       friendly and peaceful. Their culture is closely related to the nature,
       even for their high technology. Killing can only be done in necessity.
       This has made them the perfect diplomats, which are sought after in
       Gvurrdon and surrounding areas. Another feature is the total lack if
       Psionics. They can't utilize psionics at all, and try to mindread them
       is futile.
       An avian alien race. The Tirrils lives at TL 0. Which would classify
       them as barely sentient. The Vargr which first took contact with them,
       hunted them for their fine feather hide. But when it became evident
       that the birds were sentient, all hunting ceased. The Tirrils are
       protected from hunting. Any killing of a Tirril for their hide is
       penalized with death.
       The Tirrils are about 150 centimetre high, and got bright colors from
       blood red to deep navy blue. The chest and abdomen are generally white
       or silver grey. They got a 15 centimetre long beak like a gull and
       powerful claws they use to dig in the earth for Lummi roots or
       What's curious about the Tirrils are that they have excellent
       mathematical knowledge. Some are so good that they can calculate the
       jump coordinates and data for a distances up to one parsec without the
       aid of a computer. Some Vargr merchants use Tirrils onboard their
       vessels for entertainment and for their excellent mathematical skill.
       Tirrils are popular in various parts of Gvurrdon for their beautiful
       sing song skills, and are often employed at taverns and inns for
       When the Tirrils are lacking manipulators they usually do not wear
       clothes or use tools. However a few Vargr corporations have built
       waldos that the Tirrils may use. However few do make use of the waldos
       when they constrain them from flying.
       This race descend from a desert dwelling carnivore. It got a thick
       hide, almost chitin like in substance. They are somewhat hunched. When
       rolled up they are totally hidden behind their shell like back, which
       gives them very good protection. Their appearance is almost insect
       like, which can scare the hell out of unwary travellers. They are
       quite small and stocky, but not clumsy, even when they may seem like
       it. Even before the Vargr contacted this race, they had acquired tech
       enough to start a space programme. The first contact with Vargr, and
       Humans accelerated this process.
       They claim to have developed jumpdrive on their own, but this has not
       been confirmed. However they are not able to use the jump technology
       to its fullest. So in this field they are still on tech 9. The reason
       for this is that the Ungrest can't survive the jump for some strange
       reason. But the Ungrest do use so called unmanned jump launches, which
       actually are crafts ranging from 100 to 300 ton. These are used to
       move supplies fast through the system, and to the neighbouring system
       that they have started to colonize. The Ungrest move through
       interstellar space with SLD ships, powered by a ram scope.
       The Ungrest is quite aggressive, but not outright hostile. Various
       merchants do trade with them, but any technology is unavailable, when
       it is much specified for the race. And the Ungrest is unwilling to
       sell out technology to inferior traders. This might stem from a
       paranoia that they are afraid of that the tech might be turned against
       them. However there is possible to buy lot of other non-technical
       stuff like foodstuffs, and art.
       This race stems from an world which are quite chilly, which explains
       their heavy built due to insulating fat. Descendants from
       omnivore/gatherers which evolved on the great steppes of this planet.
       They are massing about 95kg, the females a bit less. Their legs are
       short with broad feet, that prevents them from sinking too deep into
       the snow. Their early forefathers had quite a lot of body hair, which
       disappeared when the Bzruellokh started using clothing to protect them
       further from the chill. Their arms are long, reaching down to the
       knees when they stand upright, and powerful. Their skin resembles that
       of a human, but is rougher and thicker. The skin color ranges from
       white to yellowish. Their arms and head is covered with thick white
       hair. The face holds two small eyes which are set deep into the skull.
       The ears resembles that of a rabbit, but is a bit broader.
       From what is usual among other races, Bzruellokh does have a peculiar
       rhythm. Their pre-sentient ancestors hibernated during the winter,
       gathering food in the summer. Thus they almost never sleep half of
       their local year. In a modern society this is quite difficult, but
       this hibernating are still being done. But the cycles are more
       controlled, so that their society still works, even in the winter.
       Their starships got special hibernation modules, for crew or owners
       that are due for they hibernation cycle. The fact is that the
       Bzruellokh gets sick if it can't hibernate over certain period. Drugs
       can prolong the wake time between hibernation, but are used sparingly.
       Descendants from omnivore scavengers that was cave dwellers. The
       latter has given them sight that spans from visible light to the
       infrared spectrum. They got large black eyes. Matter of fact the
       pupils are the only part of the eye visible. Their size is small
       compared to humans, with an average height of 145cm. They got bat like
       ears that can be moved towards a sound. This coupled with their wide
       field of vision, that is 220 degrees gives them a superior
       surveillance capability compared to most other sentient races.
       Their society is built around the family, which forms a clan. When the
       Vargr contacted these the first time, they were hunted for their fur.
       Even when they had advanced into the iron age. This hunting was
       stopped some hundred years ago, by a group of resourceful explorers.
       However the Opliaraz is still xenophobic about outsiders. Those who
       wants to do business in this system should do it through the Aelluengh
       Mercantile Company, which is the only company the Opliaraz will trade
       with. The reason for this is that the Aelluengh is owned by the
       ancestors of those who helped the Opliaraz from extinction.

    Contact: The Tirrils

                          CONTACT: TIRRILS. UPDATED FOR TNE
                                   Roger Myhre
       Tirrils are an Avian race native to Tirrokoelaegz (Gvurrdon 1821).
       They were first contacted in about year 600 (Imperial.) When the
       system was first settled the Tirrils got hunted for their fine colored
       feathers. However Some scientist could prove that the Tirrils actually
       was sentient. Huntings got disbanded overnight. However Tirrils are
       still hunted illegally for their feathers.
    Physical Description
       As and avian race the Tirrils have a light bodyframe. The skeleton is
       hollowed to further decrease the body weight. They are about 150
       centimetre high and weight about 40Kg. They got a 15cm long seagull
       like beak. Their feathers are colored from bright red to deep navy
       blue. The chest and abdomen is generally white or silver grey. Some
       may have a brown taint on the chest color. Upper back and head and the
       front edge of the wings are usually black with a shiny blue taint.
       Females usually lacks this taint. And they have also lighter colored
       beak, which is yellow. The eyes are mounted on the sides of the head,
       giving near 360 degrees full vision. Mid-way between the shoulder and
       the wingtip there are a set of claws, not unlike a bat, but these
       claws gives somewhat better grip, but not much.
       The Tirrils mainly eat vegetables, fruits or roots, but they may
       supplement with small rodents and insects. A few is also eating fish
       when they can catch some. Their main diet is the Lummi root. This root
       comes from a pest plant that kill other plants for living. The plant
       in its self is poisonous, but the root is not. Humans and Vargr find
       this root too sweet for taste, but it is edible. The root is protected
       by law, so that the Tirrils can get their necessary nutrition supply.
       Farmers has tried to fight this law, but in 875 an agreement was met.
       The Tirrils would eat off any root they found in farmlands to aid the
       farmers, so that their harvest would not be destroyed. Lummi root has
       with some luck been exported to other systems. Those systems that has
       Lummi roots, grows them in greenhouses that has been carefully sealed
       The Tirril language is built up by a complex form of whistling and
       chirping sing song. This was the most difficult barrier the vargr
       scientist had to break to make contact with the Tirrils. Vargr proves
       unable to whistle in the same fashion as humans, when they do not have
       the same lip control. However the Tirrils have been quite adept at
       learning to speak like Vargr quite well. There is a few sounds that
       the Tirrils can't make. Most human languages has proven better. Body
       stance is also quite important in the language, but it is more like
       the body language of humans when it comes to gestures that underlines
       some meaning in a sentence. The body language in itself is performed
       differently. This has not made any major problems in cross species
       Vargr communicate with Tirrils either with computer or flute. Tirrils
       themselves prefer that a flute is used when it produces more pleasing
       sound than a computer. Humans may whistle, but again a flute is
       preferred. Along with the standard linguistics skill the translator
       should also be familiar with the artisan skill that handles flutes.
       Prior to contact with Vargr Tirrils had an effective TL of 0, which in
       most cases would classify them as barely sentient. However their
       integrated clan structure and the limited ability to use tools was one
       of the things that made Vargr scientist suspicious to their
       "un-intelligent" behaviour. It was later found out that the Tirrils
       had extremely good understanding of mathematical problems. The most
       skilled of the Tirrils are actually able to calculate jump coordinates
       precisely for distances up to 1 parsec within 25 minutes. And that
       without any help from abacuses or other mathematical tools.
       After the contact with Vargr, Tirrils have enjoyed increase in
       technology. However the Tirrils do not manufacture anything
       themselves. The clans get paid in hardware for different services they
       do for the Vargr. The equipment they get varies with the job and the
       value of both the job and the equipment. Tools like special made
       knifes and night vision equipment are among the most popular items.
       Waldos are also available, but the Tirrils usually doesn't use them
       when they inhibit them from flying. The most popular item is small
       long range portable radios. This makes clans able to communicate with
       each other over long distances. Through relays they might also
       communicate by satellite to clans on the other side of the planet.
       Their homeworld is Tirrokoelaegz, which is in Gvurrdon (1821). The
       planet is a size 4 body orbiting a F4 V star. The star got a M4 D
       companion in orbit 2 which gives the planet somewhat distorted season
       temperatures at times. The gravity is at 0.47G which makes these
       rather large avians able to fly. The Tirrils have proven able to fly
       in dense atmospheres on planets with gravity up to 0.76G. The
       temperatures is fairly high. Averaging 590C in the summer (at equator)
       to 450C at winter at the same place.
       The Tirrils do not have any ruling on the planet, but they are
       protected by law against hunting and other acts of destruction. The
       vargr population on the planet is rather small (510,000) compared to
       the Tirrils (2,890,000). However the more influential clans of the
       Tirrils have the opportunity to voice their opinion on different
       things. The ruling body on Tirrokoelaegz is rather small. The
       interstellar government that encompass this world is ruled by a tight
       elite. The Vargr population is divided between Equals and Non-Equals.
       Only the Vargr that has been rated Equal may take ruling position in
       the government. This has made some problems with the Tirrils. So the
       planet government had to come up with a simple solution. After much
       bickering an agreement was met. Only the elders in a clan would be
       rated equal, and thus have the opportunity to voice their opinion.
       The Tirrils are organized in family clans. A clan ranges from 20 to a
       few hundred individuals. The head of the clan is the elders. That is
       those who are at least 22 years old. There is no distinct clan head,
       but the elders form some sort of council. The different clans can be
       distinguished from each other by the clan marking that is on the
       throat and upper part of the chest. When two clans is merging into
       one, or a group of Tirrils break out from a clan the markings change
       to the new clan that has been formed.
       There is little fighting between the clans. Some confrontation do
       exist when the clans needs new territory. However any outright war is
       extremely rare. However after the Vargr arrived some clans have not
       forgiven the Vargr for the hunting of fellow Tirrils. Thus these clans
       are mostly outright hostile to Vargr. This has also lead to a few
       messy confrontations between pro- and con-vargr.
       The clans usually moves from place to place depending on season and
       how well the land around can feed them. Their "homes" are everything
       from a dug out hole in the ground to a copse of trees that gives good
       protection. In the cities there is built special clan houses that
       varies is size. These clan houses are free for use by any clan that is
       on visit.
    Clan Economy
       As a lot of Tirrils are in employ of various Vargr and a few human
       patrons, the clan gets payment in form of credit or equipment for
       these services. The credits are put into an account that the elders
       administer for the welfare of the clan. Equipment are usually personal
       to the recipient until that one dies. Then the equipment is handed
       over to the elders for reassignment to a new user. The account with
       credits are usually used for covering repair of broken equipment or
       new computer programs. The money is also spent on other things that
       will help the clan. A few clans have specialized on trading with other
       worlds in Society of Equals and beyond. To these worlds there is sent
       emissaries. The emissary group is usually built up by a few elders and
       claners to provide for them. Sometimes Vargr do accompany these groups
       for support.
    Tirrils as Characters or NPCs
       having Tirrils as character can give a party some problems. At high G
       worlds they will be unable to fly properly if at all. Neither is there
       easy to get vacc suits for them. Filter masks and such do not exist at
       all. A Tirril is fairly short lived. They start their career at an age
       of 2 years (standard), when they reach the age of 10 they start to
       feel the age on their shoulders. And that more severely as humans. At
       the age of 22 they will usually return to their clan to take the
       position of an elder. Most Tirrils doesn't get older than 30 odd
       Many Tirrils has taken up careers in the armed forces of Society of
       Equals, the Vargr interstellar government that rules the local space.
       These position are usually navigators or recon jobs. Other careers are
       valets or entertainers on taverns or merchant ships. The latter use
       them also for navigation.
       Stats         Roll
       Strength      2D-4
       Agility       1D+3
       Constitution  1D+3
       Intelligence  2D-1
       Education     1D
       Cha           1D to a max of 15
       Soc           n.a.
       Note: Tirril Cha works much in the same way as Vargr Cha. That will
       say that a Tirril with high Cha will have better social status in the
       pecking order. DM's for homeworld has been taken into account.
       The base weight is 45Kg
       For the Imperial equivalent of social status use a fixed stat of 5.
       There is possible for a Tirril to take a career in a Vargr career.
       These careers are: Navy, Scouts, and Entertainer.
       Use the career lists in the rulebook, but adjust the requirements down
       so that the character may enter it early on.
       Navy:        Int 8+; Note that Tirrils do not get ship DM's
       Scout:       Int 6+; Note that Tirrils do not get ship DM's
       Entertainer: Cha 5+
       Tirrils get few money for their service rendered. The reason for this
       is that Tirrils lives in a low technology community, and is content
       with that. However the little they earn fall back to their clan. This
       does not mean that the Tirril will be left without money, but just
       that it will have far less spending money than a ordinary character.
       Give the Tirrils character 100 cred per term, this is what she gets to
       There are two main careers which are native to Tirrils that they can
       enter. One is hunter/caretaker, and the other is Elder.
       For Hunter/Caretaker use the Hunter/Guide on page 47 of the rulebook
       with these exceptions:
         * Exchange Vehicle with Flying
         * Technological skills are not available beyond one level per term
         * Skills that require fine manupilations as surgery are not available
         * Exhange Economics with Waldo
         * Technological skills may not be higher than skill in Waldo use
         * Starship DM's are not available
         * Money is not earned
       Elders do never travel, so as characters they fit badly, so I won't
       give a full character generation listing just a few skills they
       acquire as Elders. All Tirrils that are out travelling will return
       home to their clan, or form their own to become an Elder when they
       reach the age of 22.
       Effects of becomeing Elder:
         * Charisma is increased by 2 the first term
         * Education is increased by 1
         * On terms after the first the Charisma is increased by 1
         * Elders do not get money
       Elder skills:
         * Interaction
         * Charisma
         * Determination
         * Perception
         * History
         * Psychology
       If a PC Tirrils reach the age of 22, the character will cease to
       exist, and will become a NPC. The PC's may later use this Elder as an
       source ofinformation later on if necessary.
       At the start of 6'th term the Tirril becomes automatically an elder.
       Clan refers to a character than lives and work for his or hers family
       New Skills:
       Math: This skill makes a Tirril able to calculate the jump coordinates
       up to one parsec without any tool for help. The numbers however must
       be then put into a computer. The Skill is governemd by Intelligence.
       To calculate one parsec jump.
       Difficult Math
       Referee: this task does not substitute the navigational task, but can
       be useful if the nav computer is down and the ship has to make an
       emergency jump.
       Flying: This gives the Tirril better ability to maneuver in the sky.
       Aging Table:
       Term    Age      Str      Agl      Con      Int
        2      10        Y        -        -        -
        3      14        Y        Y        -        -
        4      18        Y        Y        Y        -
        5      22        Y2       Y        Y        -
        6      26        Y2       Y2       Y        Y
        7      30        Y2       Y2       Y2       Y
        8      34+       Y3       Y2       Y2       Y
       Yn means that the stat are reduced with n levels.
       Tirrils are fairly well adapted in psionics, but very little training
       is available. To measure Psionics strength roll 2D. Subtract one for
       each term beyond 2.
    Tirril Custom-Made Equipment
       These are strap-on arms. However a Tirril will need help to strap one
       on, unless it got a specific stand to help him with that. Depending on
       TL the waldos can do different things that the Tirrils are not able to
       without these tools. However spite of the inherit str and dex of the
       waldos the Tirril will not be able to carry items heavier than its
       basic carry ability. Low TL waldos are controlled by control leads
       that are connected to the three claws on each wing, making it somewhat
       cumbersome. A Tirril wearing waldos is not able to fly.
       TL   Weight    Str   Dex    Duration    Control      Noise     Price
       10   10Kg       8     8        3Hrs     Wire         Whine     1000Cr
       12    9Kg       8     9      3.5Hrs     Wire       Soft Whine  1200Cr
       14    8kg      10     9        4Hrs     Neural       Silent    3000Cr
       Sensor Helmets:
       Scouts and Recon Tirrils are issued these items in their tour of
       service. A few is also lucky to be given such equipment when they
       muster out. The helmet is a typical half helmet with visor that can be
       lowered and raised. Several types of visors are available. The helmet
       in itself is standard for all types. The visors are interchangeable.
       Plain helmet cost 500Cr and weight about 500g. The helmet may be
       connected to a communicator and a computer. This is valuable for
       forward observers that can relay the information by datalink to an
       artillery battery.
       TL  Visor                     Weight      Duration       Price
        9  IR + Image enhance          400g       3Hrs          1000Cr
        9  Low Light + Image Enhance   400g       3Hrs          1200Cr
       12  IR + LL + IE                500g       4Hrs          2000Cr
        9  Laser range finder add-on  +100g       -10%          +500Cr
       There is a limited range of weapons available to Tirrils. Partly
       because firearms requires waldos to wield them. And that the Vargr is
       afraid that unfriendly clans are going to use the weapons against
       them. Thus the Vargr will not repair any firearms that Tirrils use if
       they become broken. However this is not the case with Tirrils that are
       in active or semi-active military service. If Tirrils use weapons not
       meant to be controlled by waldoes, increase the difficulty with one
       level. Weapons are usually in the 5 to 7mm range. An odd laser
       carabine may also be encountered, but most usually then in military
       Bladed weapons come in a wide variety, but most common are wing
       spurrs, and beak daggers. Threat both as dagger according to the rules
       in TNE.

    Groups of Gvurrdon

                     THE GROUPS OF GVURRDON AS PER 1200 IMPERIAL
                                    Roger Myhre
       Gvurrdon is filled with different political factions and groups. All
       got their own agenda, and goals for the future. This makes it and
       different place than most other sectors in charted space. The
       different outside groups as Zhodani and Regency add to the confusion.
       The alliances among the groups are also difficult to understand at
       Remnants of the old Rukh alliance. The Rukh party tried to hold off
       long as possible, but when the break did come, they lost all control.
       After several years of internal fighting, a loose group of aristocrat
       managed to get some kind of control. The alliance is now ruled by the
       aristocrats, but the worlds got some self rule to a limit. They might
       not pass new laws without the Allez government gives them permission
       to do so. They have over the last years worked with improve their
       relations to the surrounding factions, among those Regency. Zhodani
       already got an embassy here, from the time Rukh existed.
      Church of the Chosen One:
       This quasi-religious sect has been diminishing the last 50 years.
       During the Rebellion, and shortly after it registrated a small increse
       in popularity, but the advent of the Virus changed the opinions again.
       As a result of this they have closed most of their centers, turning
       their resources into finding the Ancients, to prove once and for all
       that the Vargr is meant to inherit the universe after the Ancients.
      Dzen Aeng Kho (Society of Equals):
       A military ruled society, where the citizens must be rated Equal
       before they can get voting status, or enter certain careers. To get
       rated as Equal the citizen must go through a test, which can be
       dangerous. This test is taken at age 16 usually, but it can be taken
       later. Non-Equal citizens that did not make the test might be rated
       Equal later if they perform excellent in their line of duty. And this
       is usually in the military services. SoE do also keep slaves, but they
       may not be mistreated.
      Gvaeknoks Trade Union:
       Formed in 1172 when Gvaeknoks got fed up by the trading difficulties
       between Thirz Empire, and Society of Equals (SoE). A new base had to
       be found. The break up of Rukh gave the right opportunity to establish
       a base where Gvaeknoks could keep a political presence without losing
       control. The Gvaeknoks Trade Union (GTU) was formed short after.
       Gvaeknoks holds the control over the interstellar government, but the
       worlds themselves maintain their own government. Gvaeknoks got even
       more popular as it invested in different projects to build up the
       local economy. Thus Gvaeknoks can buy cheap and sell expensive to
       worlds outside GTU.
      Kedzudh Aeng:
       Formed originally to hold corsairs at bay, but formed the Glass Bond
       alliance with Kforuzeng in 1116-17. Imperial analysts concluded that
       this bond wouldn't hold for long, but they were wrong. After the
       campaign in Spinward Marches was finished, Kforuzeng started to look
       for new markets. Kedzudh worked for improving its relations to
       Regency. Kedzudh are still a loose alliance, with the worlds handling
       their foreign policy on their own. Only the near presence of the virus
       do keep them together today.
      Noerrgh Confederate:
       A dissident group lead by Noerrgh started to get popular in 1178. By
       two years it has spread to near lying worlds. Noerrgh wanted to
       disband the monarchy of Thirz Empire, but the Royal Thir Family
       resisted. Armed conflict broke out, but an armistice was reached in
       1182. Noerrgh Confederate is actually a wobbly alliance. They don't
       seem to manage to agree on a single item. The only reason that it
       still exist might be that Zhodani got some control, with help of Thirz
       Empire, over the group. Why Thirz has not moved in and taken control
       is not known.
      Oberlindes Lines:
       A Spinward Marches based trade company. They are maybe the best
       traders in the sector, not counting Gvaeknoks. As the peace has been
       spreading through the rimward reaches of Gvurrdon Oberlindes are
       looking into reopening their base at Triad, that got closed in 1117.
       Further expansion into Gvurrdon are also planned, but there is a few
       problems. Kforuzeng got quite a presence in the rimward portion.
       Economic analysts just wait on the day that Emissary the Oberlindes
       trade cruiser will clash with the light cruiser of Kforuzeng, Ozarr.
       Gvaeknoks do also close their borders for Oberlindes, making a
       coreward expansion difficult.
       Doesn't have any direct presence in Gvurrdon, but keeps emissaries
       around in the different groups to know what is happening. They got
       best relations with Thoengling and Rueks Legacy. The relations to
       Kedzudh and Ve Ekhlle Ksafi are also softening up.
      Rroerz Uerra:
       This is actually what is left of Anti-Rukh coalition. When the Rukh
       war was over, these worlds rebuilt their society. Helped by a Zhodani
       backed Rroerz political party. The Zhodani presence has been fading
       the last few years, but still there.
      Rueks Legacy:
       One of the splinter groups of old Rukh. they hold a small base, and
       try to stay out of trouble. To protect their worlds, they have hired
       ships from 40th squadron. Repeating raids from Corsair's Den saw to
      The Freedom League:
       Also called Corsair's Den by outsiders. Kforuzeng has control over
       this alliance, even on local world government level. However not full
       control. Kforuzeng tried to take full control, but found it too
       difficult, and that they could loose Charisma on it. However after
       Kforuzeng took over the situation on the worlds became actually
       better. Many corsair groups sought to Kforuzeng after this. Corsairs
       that visit this place can come and go as they like, far as they do not
       break any rules here. No one asks questions where the wares comes
       from. The trade taxes are also quite low.
      Thirz Uerra:
       An Interstellar Monarchy formed with the help of Zhodani. The worlds
       got independence in that way that they can choose their own local
       government, but the monarchy with its appointed governors do the
       interstellar policy. This part of Gvurrdon holds a large percentage of
       the Psionic capable Vargr. They fought the Equality war against SoE
       from 1111 to 1116. Where upon SoE lost much territory. It maintains
       good relations to most factions in Gvurrdon, excepted for SoE, where a
       cold war status is at hand.
      Thoengling Raghz:
       Has always had good relations with the Empire, and continue to nurture
       this through Regency. It is maybe the interstellar state that has
       suffered most from the Virus. First they managed to keep it at bay,
       but a breakthrough forced the Thoengling Navy to withdraw. The Capital
       was lost in matter of weeks. Now there is only a handful worlds left
       from this state, which once was the biggest is Gvurrdon.
      Ve Ekhlle Ksafi (40th Sqr):
       One of the alliances that participated in the FFW against the Imperium
       in 1107 to 1110. The government is a strict military rule, but the
       individual worlds has gotten more to say the latest years. The reason
       for this might be by the pressure from Regency because of the Virus.
       Ve Ekhlle Ksafi doesn't like Regency much, but it is not strong enough
       to make a dent in Regency's armor. The fleet capability of Ve Ekhlle
       Ksafi has been built up over the years, but still small compared to
       other groups.
       Their aims for the Gvurrdon sector has changed over the years. As
       their long time allied Rukh disappeared, Zhodani had to move in with
       force to prevent that Zhodani owned industry didn't get caught in the
       middle. However they was not able to prevent that Rukh broke up, maybe
       for the best. As Zhodani sought after to control the groups along
       their border to keep them safe, it got easier now that the tension in
       this area of space loosened. It did also get easier to deal with the
       different worlds after Rukh disappeared. Zhodani has opened quite a
       lot of trade missions in Gvurrdon the latter 20 years.

    Commonality of Kedzudh

                                    Roger Myhre
       Commonality of Kedzudh was first established in 1044 to an answer to
       the corsair threat. The main enemy at that time was Kforuzeng, that
       had been around for about 3 years.
       As Kforuzeng grew, Kedzudh got more followers. In about 1100 Kforuzeng
       changed tactic. Kforuzeng managed to get a treaty signed with Kedzudh.
       Kedzudh needed rest from raidings, and Kforuzeng needed a safe border
       to cross when the going got to tough.
       Kedzudh needed support to secure its borders. At first it may seem
       strange to outsiders that these two groups sign a treaty. The reason
       is that Kforuzeng had no raidings into Kedzudh between 1078 and 1100.
       Most pirates came either from the Imperium or from Tuglikki sector
       which Kforuzeng only had limited support from.
       After FFW the atmosphere between Kedzudh and Kforuzeng get sourer, due
       to the Imperium's attention to vargr corsairs. When Kforuzeng seemed
       unable to keep its groups together and unable to protect Kedzudh from
       raiders the treaty got nullified.
    Recent History (1110+) 
       When Kforuzeng started to loose control over its subgroups, and the
       treaty with the band got nullified, a lot of worlds to the coreward
       left the communality. The reason to this was that they could stand up
       against the Kforuzeng now that it was weakened. They was neither
       threatened by the pirates from the Imperium.
       When the anti-Imperial Oekhsos tirades was released through
       entertainment devices, Kedzudh managed to get new members. The tirades
       did also help Kforuzeng from being disbanded.
       Kedzudh had from the beginning encouraged vargr that lived in the
       coreward systems of the Marches to revolt against the Imperium.
       However this proved difficult when the Imperium had too strong
       presence there.
       When the rebellion started in 1116, which threw Domain of Deneb into
       much confusion, Kedzudh started to lie plans. With the vargr invading
       in Corridor and the Aslans entering Spinward Marches in 1117 Kedzudh
       and Kforuzeng attacked the coreward border of the Spinward Marches.
       Kforuzeng and Kedzudh had by this time made a new treaty. The
       Glass-Bond as it is refereed to by Imperial vargr experts.
       The reason to that Kedzudh relinked with Kforuzeng is that Kforuzeng
       got the know-how. Kedzudh did have the vargrpower and funds, but
       lacked the skilled leaders. Which are needed to perform a military
       action against the Imperium. But not only the combined force of these
       two groups did secure the operation.
       Already in 1113 Kedzudh had established a undercover network within
       the Imperial borders. This is the main reason to that Kedzudh and
       Kforuzeng managed to get far as they did when they launched their
       attack. The vargr rich worlds coreward in the Marches proved to be
       excellent source to find anti-Imperial sentiments. All that was needed
       was to get this seed to grow.
       The government of Kedzudh is built up by representatives from the
       various governments in the different systems. The different worlds in
       Kedzudh conduct their own interior and exterior relations. However the
       Kedzudh government tries to coordinate the different systems. This is
       done so that all the systems may gain by the work done.
       The worlds had initially their own military forces and administrated
       this as they saw fit. However to meet the corsair and the pirates from
       the Imperium they built a small space police/navy force. This force
       had two fleets of about 10 ships each. The largest ship was a 8000ton
       Prior to the invasion of Aramis subsector in the Marches, Kedzudh
       built new ships. Some large as 15000ton. The attack on the Imperial
       Navy outpost at Triad (Gvurrdon 2436) was fruitful. The coalition
       managed to capture several crafts in dock.
       This gave a valuable boost to the military strength of the coalition.
       However the captured crafts was not used in the initial attack on the
       Imperium, when the coalition had to figure out how to operate them
       properly. Neither was it time to train crew and move the crafts into
       position. The Imperium would soon detect that an entire squadron was
       missing. With the help of the underground groups in the Imperium. The
       coalition managed to capture many systems before the Imperium managed
       to relocate their forces and build up a frontline. At present the
       position of the frontline have been stable after the Empire managed to
       take back a few systems. See the map in MTJ #1 for current frontline


                                   Roger Myhre
       Kforuzeng are known to be the largest corsair band in Gvurrdon sector.
       In the latest 10 years they have gone through a lot of changes. From
       being a sector wide band with nearly monopoly on raiding along the
       Domain of Deneb border, to nearly extinction and back on the raise
       again in the wake of the Rebellion in the Imperium.
    How it Started
       In 1041 the Kforuzeng corsair band were organized. The leader Dzenae
       Aekoe with his crew on the frigate Rraedz decided to split from the
       Ungogz Den, a small interstellar government got splintered by internal
       unrest. To survive he started to raid at different worlds that could
       not muster the force to drive him away. He later joined forces with
       one other corsair captain.
       In 1043 they were attacked by two larger ships, but Dzenae was an
       expert tactician and soon turned the battle to his favor. Both
       attackers got their jumpdrive disabled which put them at his mercy.
       Rather than to exterminate his adversaries he proposed an alliance,
       which they agreed on. The two crafts were soon repaired.
       Dzenae soon realized that he must get himself a base for his four
       crafts so that they could get safe repairs away from the navies that
       hunted him. Instead of building one he decided to capture one with all
       the equipment he needed. By great cunning he surprised a base hollowed
       out in an asteroid at Ueghrrozue/Gvurrdon (2339). This base later
       became the main base for the Kforuzeng corsair band, and it still is.
       After the capture of the hollowed asteroid, Dzenae arose sharply in
       charisma and many other corsairs sought to join his group. In the
       following years the group just got bigger and bigger.
    The Death of a Leader
       In 1052 Dzenae was an old Vargr, just rounded 60 standard years he
       leaded personally a campaign against Kinorb/Spinward Marches (2202),
       with a large portion of his fleet, the flagship got a hit from a
       particle accelerator. The damage was superficial, but the sudden hit
       gave Dzenae a heart attack which sent him into coma.
       After some hours Dzenae woke up a brief moment. When he saw that his
       adjutant and second in command were at his bunk. He then gave his last
       command, which was to continue the campaign as planned. He then lost
       consciousness, and never woke up again.
       Ksangu which was the second in command obeyed this order and continued
       the campaign for his charismatic leader.
       Dzenae was after the campaign buried in the crypt that was dug out in
       the hollowed asteroid base at Ueghrrozue. In this crypt several other
       honored leaders and sub leaders of Kforuzeng corsair band buried with
       solemn ceremonies.
    1043 to 1070
       In this period Gvurrdon went through a lot of changes that made the
       corsair business surge. Dzenae was the dominant leader of the band. He
       had bases spread over rimward parts of Gvurrdon sector.
       In this period Kforuzeng absorbed a lot of other corsairs both
       independent and smaller groups. Even after his death, many joined up.
    1071 to 1090 
       As the band got larger the need of a new flagship arose. Kforuzeng
       undercover agents found out that Thoengling Empire had ordered a
       200,000ton BB from the shipyard at Orsesokhin/Gvurrdon (2323). Just
       before the vessel was finished Ksangu led a small unit of crack
       corsairs and stole the craft from the dock.
       Thoengling got very annoyed by this act and tried to assassinate
       Ksangu. They failed, but instead to try again, they decided to let
       their anger be channeled to the Orsesokhin government that was
       responsible for the delivery. Thoengling had paid up front and didn't
       like that their new craft got stolen under their noses. So they
       invaded the system in 1088.
       Kforuzeng's new craft named Akhaegtoullae (Swift Fighter). The choice
       of craft proved to be excellent when the craft after the refitting of
       computers, powerplant and armament was able to outgun and outmaneuver
       most craft at its size.
       In 1089 Ksangu dies of an illness he got from an insectbite. The cure
       would have been simple if it wasn't for his allergy for the insect and
       some of the neccesary medifications.
    1091 to 1100 
       The organization was well oiled and each sub leader had his or hers
       part of their domain to administer. Several interstellar governments
       sought their expertise in warfare, and hired them for protection of
       their borders, or to do a single operation against an enemy they had.
       Both in space and on ground.
       Plundering along the Imperial border was also on their agenda, and
       many worlds had visits from them more than once. They soon became
       known as ruthless murderers. Which to a extent can be said it was
       Dzenae himself ruled that civilians should not be harmed if it could
       be prevented. Ksangu also held this policy, but it got difficult, if
       not impossible to enforce. The corsair units that joined in the
       trailing subsectors of Gvurrdon saw the Kforuzeng as a tool to get
       even with the Imperium for the injustice done in the past history.
       However disaster struck in this period. Their BB that they had stolen
       from dock had been ridden with problems since they had taken it. It
       had fought well in the few campaigns it had been on. On a routine
       mission it dissapeared. It was followed by a small group of VP type
       corsairs. When they emerged jumpspace Akhaegtoullae was nowhere to be
       seen. The ship has been missing since then.
    1101 to 1105
       In this period Kforuzeng expanded into Tuglikki sector. A few bases
       prop up in subsector M of Tuglikki sector. The expansion trailing is
       slow in the start but by 1105 Kforuzeng monopolize the corsair
       bussines in subsector M and have a few probing operations into
       subsector N.
       In this period Kforuzeng had ongoing emissary contact with Commonality
       of Kedzudh. The reason is that Kforuzeng feels that they need a safe
       haven to go to if the going got too tough. In return Kforuzeng had to
       help Kedzudh with fighting other corsairs that intruded on their
       territory. This suited Kforuzeng fine, when they could keep the
       plunder from the corsairs they attacked.
    1106 to 1108
       In this period much of the tasks to Kforuzeng is hiring out themselves
       as mercenaries. A lot of their assets are bound to operations that
       have longterm contracts. Tukera is one of the costumers. They pay well
       for having their crafts protected against attacks when they are in
       transit to and from Thoengling Empire. With other words they pay
       Kforuzeng money so that their ships can travel through Kforuzeng's
       sphere of influence.
       Thanks to this Kforuzeng cannot expend vargrpower on campaign into
       the imperium when the FFW starts. Near the end Kforuzeng sees the
       Imperium as an easy target to raid now that it is on the defensive.
       Fortunately for the Empire the reinforcements that came from corridor
       prevented Kforuzeng from doing anything big.
       Kforuzeng expanded into the three most spinward subsectors of Tuglikki
       that bordered to Domain of Deneb. Along this border Kforuzeng enjoyed
       good tidings, but alas it should last so short.
    1109 to 1112
       Now the organization start to split. When Kforuzeng proves unable to
       do something with the Imperial threat, small groups decided that a new
       and more charismatic leader had to be found.
       A few found the apparent success of 40th squadron encouraging and
       enlisted there, but to no avail. 40th squadron got bloodied in that
       In late 1110 when the war was over, the Imperial navy turned its guns
       at Kforuzeng. Imperial Navy Intelligence started to track down
       Kforuzeng bases, and attacked them. Allkigvue, the current leader,
       felt that he was loosing the grip of the events and tried to rally the
       leaders to a desperate plan. However he lost, and retired as the head
       of Kforuzeng.
       Egharsgon became the new leader of Kforuzeng. He had high charisma,
       but unfortunately he lacked something that most charismatic leaders
       among Vargr miss. The skills necessary to lead and make plans. It
       looked like he would be able to pull it off, but it soon become
       apparent that he lacked the necessary skills and many groups split
       from the organization.
       In a desperate attempt to stay in control he formed the Gvurknuesurrg,
       a secret organization which job was to ensure that the different
       groups stayed loyal to the leadership. This group was headed by
       Gzongzuers, a Vargr with above average charisma, but very skilled at
       his work. Gzongzuers got soon tired of his work and with the waning
       charisma of the leadership. So he split and formed his own band in
       In 1112 the treaty with Kedzudh got nullified, and all bases within
       Kedzudh's borders had to be closed. Kforuzeng tried to prevent this
       but with their reduced strenght they could do nothing. Unfortunately
       for Kforuzeng many of the corsairs that had their bases in Kedzudh
       joined the Commonality, when it came apparent that their charisma
       could stand up against the charisma of the leadership in Kforuzeng.
    1113 to 1116 
       During this period Kforuzeng seems to just dwindle away as a dying
       flower. Egharsgon retired early 1115 just a few month after Gzongzuers
       decided to make his own fame. In the rest of the period no new leader
       was elected. Individual corsair captains decided to go for their own
       and split away from Kforuzeng. In 1116 the organization was only at
       20% of its original size. Most ships larger than 1000 tons were put
       into mothball, for future use. Some were sold. A couple of corsairs
       even just took the ships with them when they split. Most small and
       medium sized crafts belonged to their captains, so they disappear when
       they joined others or formed their own bands.
       In end of 1116 and in the beginning of 1117 the rumors about the
       problems in the Imperium trailing of Gvurrdon started to make its
       appearance, and the newly arrived tirades of Oekhsos that sparked the
       anti-Imperial flame in the extends. The organization could have been
       discontinued hadn't it been for these events. A new leader arose from
       the council of leaders. This new leader have both charisma and the
       necessary skill to run a corsair band. She came to power by
       assassinating her adversaries to the leadership. Anuekhs An Gzoug
       (Flame that burns) which she calls herself. No one knows her real
       name, and no one have dared to ask.
    1117 to Present
       She soon saw the possibilities that lay open to rise Kforuzeng back to
       its former glory. She decided to contact Kedzudh to sign a new
       contract treaty. This was done in mid 1117. Encouraged by the flowing
       news about the continuous success among the corsairs trailing of
       Gvurrdon, sparked her inspiration.
       With the conclusion of the treaty or contract with Kedzudh, a treaty
       Imperial officials refer to as the Glass-Bond, the coalition set out
       to remove the Imperial presence in Gvurrdon sector. The Imperial Naval
       outpost at Triad (Gvurrdon 2436) was the first victim to their
       assault. Only a few managed to escape the onslaught from the
       coalition. Secondly Pandrin stood for turn. At Pandrin, Oberlindes
       Lines had a major center there for trading with Vargr merchants.
       Luckily enough the staff at the center had been given advanced warning
       enough so that they could escape capture, but much expensive equipment
       had to be left behind.
       Late 1117 The Kforuzeng/Kedzudh coalition poured over the Imperial
       borders, mainly into Aramis subsector in Spinward Marches. This
       happened after several softening and probing attacks earlier the same
       year. The news of that the Aslans had penetrated the Spinward Marches
       borders to the rimward was encouraging on the leadership of the
       coalition, and renewed energy were put into the attacks.
       However in the eve of 1120 the coalition lost some ground, but the
       losses haven't discouraged the corsairs. More Vargr are rallying to
       build up the former glory of Kforuzeng.
    Organization of Kforuzeng
       In the first years the chain of command was linear, from leader
       through individual captains of the different ships down to the
       ensigns. Just like a chain of command found in the armed forces. As
       the organization growed, it could not continue to be like this.
       Kforuzeng admistered a large area at its peak and normal linear
       commandchains just can't take that strain the Vargr psycology puts on
       When Kforuzeng expanded beyond the Gvurrdon borders, the leadership
       soon realised that they had to appoint charismatic leaders to
       subgroups. At the peak of the organization the were much as 12
       subgroups with their own leaders that answered for their action only
       to the leadership council.
       The leadership council consisted of a wide variety of proffesions
       emissaries, medics, tacticians and admistrators to aid the leader in
       the decision making. In the council there were also representatives
       from each of the subgroups.
       Now that Kforuzeng only resides in Gvurrdon with some smaller groups
       in the spinward parts of Tuglikki sector, the leader organization have
       changed. There are still a council of different advisors, but the
       captains of the different capital ship got somewhat more to say in the
       broad sense of the decision making.
       The division of the grouping are changed in the broad sense, but the
       purpose and the mechanics are the same as the old system. The groups
       are as following:
       Tuglikki front, Gvurrdon front, Base Front and Fueznuzorg
       Gvurrdon Front-- This division takes care of the organization and of
       the units that help Kedzudh in the Spinward Marches conquest campaign.
       It are also responsible for the ships, personell and equipment of its
       Tuglikki Front-- This group have the responsibility to to raid on the
       Denebian border, and to recruit and coordinate the different
       interested corsairs in Tuglikki sector. It have also the responibility
       to stay in contact with the bands that are Trailing of Gvurrdon.
       Fueznuzorg-- This is maybe the most feared group in the Kforuzeng
       organization. Its job is to ensure that the different other groups
       will not double cross the kforuzeng organization. In addition it hunts
       down opposition groups that split from the Kforuzeng. It can be viewed
       as an internal police and security force.
       Base front-- This is the main body of the organization. Its main
       responsibility is to coordinate all the groups into a single unit. It
       does also do the final decision making and the overall planning. It is
       also recruiting corsairs in Gvurrdon sector.
    Fighting Ships of Kforuzeng
       At its peak, Kforuzeng had only 35+ ships that was mainly of type VP
       corsair. In 1115 this number was down to 8. and Most of them was put
       into mothball. Kforuzeng had also a small number of ships larger than
       1000 tons. Most of these disappeared in the period 1107 to 1116. Their
       largest ship at present is a 75,000ton cruiser. This craft was found
       in late 1119 orbiting a moon in Angasaer system. There was apparent
       that the crew had died from a combination of jumpspace exposure and a
       busted environment system. Currently the craft is under extensive
       repair. The craft is expected to be ready for duty in 1123. At the
       moment the craft cargohold is seconding as a prisoncamp.
       After the Rebellion started and the Glass-bond was signed, the number
       of crafts have been increasing. The collected wealth from the past got
       spent on new ship that they ordered from several warfs around the
       Gvurrdon sector. The most notable purchase is the new flagship Ozarr
       that have been finaly finished after several years of delay due to
       problems to finance a spinal mount.
       Kedzudh possessed a large number of crafts, and the number soared
       after the destruction if the Imperial navy base at Triad. Several ship
       here were surprised in their docks, and could not break free before it
       was too late. Here the Glass-bond coalition captured 5 capital ships.
       Three of them was given to Kforuzeng. At the beginning of the war with
       the Imperium the number of crafts were about 15. Most of them 200 to
       600 tons. Ozarr was put into duty after several months of testing in
       1119. After the attack on the Imperial Navy outpost at Triad,
       Kforuzeng got awarded with one small Fast Cruiser and two Heavy
       Destroyers. A number of other small crafts were also captured.
       New recruitment ave further increased the number of crafts, so
       currently (year 1120) there is about 44 ships of size 200 to 800 tons.
       Four active ships of 10,000tons plus. Counting ships the organization
       is a bit larger than before, but the vargrpower and territory is only
       a fraction of what it was.
       The fleet organization is loose. Ships are frequently changed between
       the squadrons. This have made difficulties for the INI, when they
       never can with certainty say what kind of ships the Kforuzeng force
       have at a given time. Small Kforuzeng units have been known to operate
       far as 13 parsecs into the Spinward Marches. Larger units with larger
       ships usually keeps themselves at the frontline.
       The TLs of the crafts vary greatly, but most crafts are at the TL 13
       scale with a few on TL 11 and 12. About 25% are of TL 14 and 15.
    Future Plans
       Anuekhs An Gzoug has big plans for the future Kforuzeng. She's trying
       to expand the organization further trailing, and to get in contact
       with the groups that occupy Corridor sector. She wants to thrust into
       Deneb sector to get to the naval depot there. This facility holds many
       things that she desires to use for expand her group, but it also would
       be a strong positive increase in charisma if she can pull this off.
       This is an ambitious goal, and she know that she can't try to do this
       move before she get Kforuzeng back to its former glory and bigger.
       Having contact with the Vargr forces in Corridor would help
       One of the many things she wants is black globes for her capital
       ships. This would increase the Kforuzeng fleet strength manyfold. But
       she will need help from the independent groups in Tuglikki and she
       will need support from the Corridor occupants to pull this off.
    Personalities of Kforuzeng
       Many of the council members in the Kforuzeng's leadership have
       different backgrounds. A large organization like this needs a leader
       organization that are able to draw inputs from all kinds of sources
       and proffesions to be able to make the right decisions in the
       different situations. The brash nature of Vargr doesn't inhibit them
       from making cunning and well thought out plans. The stats shown here
       is picturing their status in 1120.
       Anuekhs An Gzoug, Kforuzeng head leader.
       9A596A, Age 38, Hits 4/5, Terms 5, Rank 6
       Born 023-1082 on Neredhueraeng/Gvurrdon (0939)
       Starport A, Small, Very Thin, Dry, Low pop, Low law, Avg stellar
       Handgun-0, Computer-0, Grav veh-1, Infighting-2, Fleets tactics-1,
       Zero-G Env-1, Laser weapons-1, Pilot-3, Leader-2, Ships tactic-2
       Gambling-2, Ship's boat-0
       Comming from a well charismatic family, she could have come a long way
       in the normal way of life. But she never found that the "normal" life
       could not quensh her thirst for adventure. She soon proved to be
       violentic in nature, which put her into trouble several times. She
       joined Groegh corsair band in 1100, which in 1103 attached itself with
       Kforuzeng. After this Anuekhs saw the potentiality to rise fast in the
       grades. Which she did. And in mid 1116 she took over as head leader
       for Kforuzeng.
       Oevuko Dzakhorrdze, Emissary and council member in Kforuzeng
       5C89D9, Age 50, Hits 4/5, Terms 8
       Born 012-1070 on Llathoevaghoe/Gvurrdon (0323)
       Starport B, Med, Std Atm, Wet, Mod pop, High law, Early stellar
       Computer-0, Grav veh-2, Handgun-2, Liaison-5, Streetwise-2 Leader-1,
       Vacc suit-1, Carousing-1, Pilot-3, Admin-1
       Started out his career in the emissary school of Tsu Thoezhou, the
       emissary school owned by the Zhosokh Urs. Graduated as the best of his
       class. Joined Kforuzeng in 1100 when they was searching for a skilled
       emissary to handle their contact with Kedzudh. At this time it was
       apparent that Kforuzeng could offer good charisma increasment for
       those who worked for them. He managed to get results in the tense and
       sceptical leaders in Kedzudh, by persuade them to believe that they
       would be free of corsairs if they signed this treaty. In 1116 he
       managed to repair the severed bonds with the Kedzudh allegiance.
       Khanzungin, Anuekhses bodyguard (ex-rogue)
       E9B5C7, Age 34, Hits 5/7, Terms 4
       Born 1086 on Ellfaegoezou/Gvurrdon (0808)
       Starport E, Med, Dense atm, Wet, Mod pop, High law, Industrial
       Wheeled veh-1, Handgun-2, Streetwise-2, Carousing-3 Infighting-3,
       Demolition-1, JOT-1
       Joined the Kforuzeng a few years ago by a mistake. A lucky mistake in
       Khanzungin's eyes. He left his home planet early at an age of 15
       years. He was a stowaway on a merchant that visited his home system.
       He was detected and handed over to the local lawenforces at the
       destination planet. His parents was not found when he did not want to
       cooperate with the police. At an age of 18 he ran away again, and
       started his career as a rogue. In 1114 he coincidentaly broke into a
       warehouse where a small group of Kforuzeng corsairs had staged a
       meeting with the local mafia. The local police had the warehouse under
       observation. When the police took action, Khazungin found himself
       helping the corsairs to get away. It turned out that Anuekhs was
       heading this group, and they have stayed together since then. He is
       now a bodyguard for her, but many suspect that there is more than just
       the bodyguard business that holds them together. Many finds him
       attractive and sympatic. His carousing skill have helped him out of
       more than one difficult situation. Even humans find him sympatic for a
       corsair. Being a Urzaeng Vargr he stands nearly 200cm tall.
       Dholltogaegae, Corsair and Base front security chief.
       9A8976, Age 42, Hits 4/6, Terms 6
       Born 054-1078 on Raezarourkallarakhs/Gvurrdon (1126)
       Starport C, Small, Wet, Std Atm, Low pop, No law, Avg Stellar
       Handgun-0, Grav Veh-1, Ship's boat-1, Bribery-1, Zero-G-3 Leader-1,
       Intrusion-2, Vacc suit-1, Computer-3, Rifleman-2
       Took over as security chief short after that Anuekhs took over as the
       head leader. However his skills haven't improved his charismatic
       standing much, when Anuekhs and Dholltogaegae got two different ways
       to implement security measures. Dholltogaegae takes his work
       seriously, and most others have found his company straining. He is
       often in conflict with Anuekhs, which has made his status strained
       among other Vargr. In the beginning they worked well together, but the
       happiness soon disappeared when it became apparent that Anuekhs found
       it more enjoyable to be with her bodyguard than with Dholltogaegae.
       And he hates Anuekhs bodyguard. If he can get away with it, he will
       kill him.
       Kfoerrgsaksorz Dzekh, Medical advisor and council member.
       5C5E78, Age 58, Hits 3/5, Terms 10
       Born 248-1062 on Gantsugh/Gvurrdon (0809)
       Starport A, Asteroid, Vac, Desert, Low pop, No Law, Avg Stellar
       Grav Veh-0, Vacc suit-0, Handgun-0, Computer-2, Small blade-1
       Genetics-2, Liaison-2, Medic-5, Mechanical-7
       Got early on interested in medical subjects. As a young she always
       helped out on the station her parents lived on when someone got hurt.
       Took basic studies by ordering a study package from Feki, a school
       that sends out packages for students that live at places that makes it
       difficult to attend to colleges and universities the normal way. She
       soon worked up skill enough to get a certificate. When she got this
       she took job onboard a liner-freighter. She worked on several ships,
       until the ship she worked on got attacked by Kforuzeng corsairs in
       1102. Until this she had not experienced any increase in charisma. She
       saw this as an opportunity to get better pay and reputation. She was
       accepted as a member when she showed that she could work wonders with
       her hands. Her mechanical skill proves its versatility when making
       prosthetics. She raised fast in charisma, and was taken up into the
       council in 1109 as medical advisor. Lately she has also widen her
       field into psychological matters.
    The Insignia
       The insingia of Kforuzeng represents the spiraling arms of the galaxy.
       The insignia bears some resemblence to Dulinors insignia. Kforuzeng's
       insignia are oftenly placed above the insignia of the different groups
       within Kforuzeng.
       The insignia got official in 1052 when the group got tired of the old
       mark. Which actually came from the interstellar government that Dzenae
       Aekoe came from. Because of this the group was oftenly mistaken for
       someone else. Sometimes this could be an advantage, but in the long
       run there was no Charisma to earn on the old symbol.
       The spiral symbol show that the Kforuzeng group had big plans and was
       optimistic about the future. A galaxy spanning group they understood
       was impossible, but a sector wide group or larger could be realised if
       nothing went wrong.


                                    Roger Myhre
       When Thirz empire was first founded in 1016 the Zhodani found it wise
       to have good relations to the new founded empire. Not that it feared
       it, but because the relationship would be of most importance when it
       came to the control of space in non Zhodani territories.
       Zhodani realized that they would have difficulties to control the
       corsair threat without outside help. Thirz Empire was found to be the
       best candidate. Thirz the First enjoyed high Charisma increases after
       he was proclaimed king. With Zhodani help he could expand his borders
       both spinward and trailing.
       Out of this cooperation there was trained a few selected sophonts to a
       new special force. A psionic force group (PSG) called Oruelaen.
       The close contact with Zhodani gave cheap and quite reliable psionic
       training to those who could afford it. The royal family is tested and
       trained for free.
    Roles of the PSG
       The PSG is a small group of 250 sophonts. Officially they are known as
       the Royal Guard. This guard or group has several roles, both publicly
       and more secret roles. Only about 50 of the members are known by the
       public. And about 12 of those are truly famous. The others have not
       been recognised by name when they are doing jobs that demands
       The group is not a intelligence group, but have close contacts with
       the Thirz Empire Intelligence network. The main roles for this group
         * Bodyguard for the King. 12 Sophonts are designated as permanent
           bodyguard for the King, and at least four is present at all times
           when the king meet strangers.
         * Public relations. This is one of the smallest jobs the group does.
           It handles the communication with news agencies when the group is
           officially on a given mission. Giving relevant information of what
           is happening or have happened.
         * Investigation. If some problem arise that the king finds
           particulary interesting he may dispatch a few PSG members to the
           site to collect data. Sometimes this collides with the
           Intelligence network. At moments as this there will be cooperation
           between these two groups.
         * Undercover. Sending members on undercover missions is extremely
           rare. When it is done, there is almost always with the
           Intelligence Network.
         * War missions. Also a rare occurrence. Usually they are only sent
           out on observation missions, but certain special missions may be
           undertaken. This is then done with special forces that are trained
           to operate behind the enemy lines.
         * Observers. When certain actions are taken. For instance when
           diplomats are on a emissary mission agents may be present to
           observe and protect the diplomats.
       Due to the prestige and the small size of the group, there is
       difficult to enlist as a PSG member. Even more difficult is it to
       increase in rank. PSG members are seldom on dangerous missions without
       backup from skilled personnel (field agents, commandos).
       The only way to increase in rank is when a higher ranked officer is
       killed, retired or demoted and discharged. The king "owns" the group
       and may issue any order to it as he sees fit. The king holds the rank
       of General.
       Due to the high responsibility each individual has, the lowest rank is
       Sergeant. Thus making the lower rank members able to throw some weight
       around if need be. However they are not to take command if there is a
       lower ranked that are present that know the job in question in and
       Example: If a commando unit with one PSG officer present ends up in a
       situation that calls for special measures. The PSG officer may not
       take command even if the commando unit officer is of lower rank. If
       the PSG officer can prove that the commando officer is unable to do
       his job properly he may take command. In the latter case this will go
       to a hearing to investigate if the PSG officer acted within his
    Other Races Within the Force
       PSG accepts other races as members in their ranks if they have high
       PSI rating. Currently (1120) there is one Droyne Sport and two humans.
       There have been a few members from other minor races in the force, but
       that was in the early days.
    Generating a PSG Member
       If you need a NPC or a PC wants to become a PSG member there is a few
       criteria that have to be fulfilled.
         * PSI rating of 8+.
         * Citizen of Thirz Empire.
         * Preferably one of these PSI abilities.
              + Telepathy.
              + Telekinesis.
              + Clairvoyancy.
              + Any useful special ability.
       Droynes are a special case. When they start with 1D in PSI rating. A
       new started Droyne can join if he has 5+ in PSI rating.
       When a person decided to join he or she is checked for how strong he
       or she is Psionically. If the strength is more than 8 he may then take
       tests. If the person manages to enlist he is trained in the abilities
       he got. The first year of the first term is used for training. Each
       ability start at level 1. At the end of each term roll on the table
       below to see how much the skill have increased the last four years.
       The skill level may not become higher than the PSI rating. Roll for
       each ability.
       For those who manage to enlist in this branch, increase charisma with
       Roll  PSI Skill Increase   |     Skill received:
        1        +2               |     Per term of service- 1
        2        +4               |     For each Commission- 1
        3        +4               |     For Promotion-       1
        4        +5               |     For Special Duty-    1
        5        +5               |     +1 if difficulty number is
        6        +7               |     beaten by 4+ on Comm and Special Dty.
       When the skill of a Droyne has reached upper limit of PSI skill, and
       the PSI rating is increased further the skill is automatically
       increased too.
       Enlist: 11+ on 2D. DM+1 if PSI rating 11. DM+1 if more than 1 ability.
                       Roll      Notes
       Survival          5       DM+1 if Int 9+
       Commission        7       DM+1 If Int 9+
       Success       See below   DM+1 if Cha 7+, DM+1 if Edu 10+
       Special Duty      9
       Reenlist          6
       Success Table (2D)                  Ranks
        2  Discharge with Cha-2        1 Sergeant
        3  Discharge with Cha-1        2 Lieutenant
        4  No effect                   3 Captain
        5  No effect                   4 Major
        6  No effect                   5 Lieutenant Colonel
        7  No effect                   6 Colonel
        8  No effect                   7 General++
        9  No effect                   ++) No character may get this
       10  Promoted 1 rank                 rank.
       11  Promoted 1 rank, Cha +1
       12  Promoted 1 rank, Cha +2
          Rank Skills:
          Sergeant Gun combat+1
          Captain Leader+1
          Colonel Liaison+1
       Personal          Career      Education        Advanced
       Development       Skills      Skill            Education.
       1 +1 Int           Admin       Vehicle          Space Comb
       2 +1 Edu           Mx Comb     Spc Comb         Interperson
       3 Physical         Mx Comb     Forensic         Legal
       4 +1 Dex           Reco        Legal            Academic
       5 Inborn           Strwise     Tech             Liaison
       6 +1 Cha           Interview   Vice             Space
                                                      Min Cha of 8
                                                      is required on
                                                      this table.
       Muster out
           Cash          Benefit
       1   10,000        PSI drug
       2   30,000        Weapon
       3   50,000        Cha+1
       4   90,000        Int+1
       5  100,000        HiPas
       6  140,000        Grant
       Cascade skills:
       Inborn: Artisan, Carousing, Instruction, JOT, Tactics, Leader
       Interpersonal: Admin, Interview, Liaison, Linguistics, Steward
       Mx Comb: Infighting, Blade CBT, Gun CBT, +1 Str, +1 End
       Physical: +1 Str, +1 Dex, +1 End
       Spc Comb: Btl Drs, Cbt Eng, Cbt Rflmn, Demo, FA Gnry, Fwd Ob Grav
        belt, Hvy Wpns, Hi-eng Wpns, Hi-g Env, Stealth Survival, Zero-g Env
       Space: Engineering, Navigation, Pilot, Sensor ops, Ship's boat,
        Vacc-suit, Zero-g Env Space Comb: Fleet tactics, Gunnery, Sensor ops,
        Ship tactics
       Tech: Commo, Comp, Elec, Gravitics, Robot ops, Sensor ops Vehicle:
        Aircraft, Grav belt, Grav Veh, Ships boat, Tracked Veh, Watercraft,
        Wheeled Vehicle
       Vice: Bribery, Disguise, Forgery, Gambling, Intrusion, Scrounging
       PSI drug: The character get 2 doses of PSI drug of refs choise.
       Weapons : The character may select any weapons except plasma or fusion
        weapons or heavy weapons.
       Grant: The character is given a grant worth up to
        (10,000*Cha)+(1000*rank). This may be whatever the refereee finds most
        appropriate for the character and the campaign the referee are going
        to run. Expensive equipment like vehicles may be a good choise. If
        grant is rolled more than once. Add 1000 to the maximum amount for
        each additional roll. Discharged characters may not get a grant.
    Notes on Droynes
       To measure the level of Charisma of a Droyne: +1 Cha per term of
       service, +1 per every second leader skill. Initial Cha level is half
       the total amount.
       In this character generation procedure there is assumed that the
       Droyne is used to interact with Vargr so he start at full level.
       Differently from others the Droynes increase in PSI level as they grow
       older. A Droyne character may change any of the rolls on the personal
       development table for +1 in PSI level, once per term. The maximum PSI
       level possible is 15. Any increment in Cha from other rolls may be
       used to increase PSI rating with one.


                                 Roger Myhre
       In 1067 Rukh took control over the Aegs worlds. At that time there was
       internal difficulties, and civil war. During the most heated
       confrontations Rukh was bidding his time. When the factions at last
       agreed on armistice, Rukh took control by overthrowing the different
       leaders. This increased his overall charisma, which was already high.
       He restored law and order in the realm. This maneuver and his high
       charisma won billions of followers that gathered under his flock. He
       secured a local powerbase of enormous proportions.
       However not everyone liked his maneuver to gain power. Many worlds
       rimward of Saell opposed to Rukh. They formed the Gnoerrg Rukh Loell.
       The anti-Rukh Coalition. This coalition has been a thorn in the side
       of Rukh since then.
       In 1094 The original leader Rukh died. But his successors continue his
       work through his dogma. After his death they lost a few worlds. The
       anti-Rukh coalition increased their effort to foil the works of Rukh
       in the hope that more worlds would pull out.
       However this was not the case. The Rukh government had too much
       control on local level to that the Anti-Rukh could have much effect.
       In 1112 Anti-Rukh started an operation to undermine the relations
       between Rukh and the Zhodani. Agents working for Anti-Rukh had managed
       to forge 6 Zhodani charge plates. The zhodani manages to get their
       hands on five of the plates. Which had been given to a small group of
       innocents. However the sixth plate did never turn up. One thing that
       was clear is that Anti-Rukh did not have the sixth plate.
       A vargr named Ronak was suspected of being the owner of the last
       plate. he never turned up. After a few years it became apparent that
       this plate had been reproduces, when different merchandise was paid
       with counterfeit charge plates. Anti-Rukh used this to disrupt trading
       and diplomatic relations between Rukh and Zhodani. The result was that
       several worlds between Rukh and Zhodani left Rukh.*
       To and answer to this the Rukh attacked Anti-Rukh physically. But the
       worlds that lie in between worked as a bufferzone. This lessened the
       effect somewhat. Anti-Rukh did not loose any territory, but a lot of
       damage to the system was a fact.
       At first when Rukh seized control of the small Aegs federation
       billions flocked to hi because of his extreme charisma. However soon
       they also realized that he made his rule to something near a religion.
       anti-governmental work is prosecuted severely.
       The Rukh government are an elite council which are leaded by a
       dictator. The individual worlds have little local control when it
       comes to exterior policy. Internal policy is somewhat lesser
       controlled. But the Rukh doctrine must be followed. World governments
       are not represented in the Rukh government. They have to follow the
       whim of the Rukh government at any level. Worlds to have public
       election on local rulers, but the candidates have to be approved by
       the Rukh assembly.
       One of the first acts Rukh did when he had secured his powerbase, was
       to nationalize most of the bigger corporations. Especially Saell felt
       this. Seall is overpopulated, and the unemployment rate was extreme.
       The nationalization of the largest companies helped distribute the
       goods more evenly, but to the cost of galloping inflation.
       All military forces are gathered under a central command. The forces
       are usually built from the world they are going to protect, but units
       often do change bases from one world to another. This circulation
       prevents worlds to have soldiers that will not shoot at locals in case
       of upheaval. Soldiers sympathize less with vargr they do not know.
       The military forces are financed by taxation of the individual
       sophont on the different worlds.
    Internal (Un)rest
       To maintain control over the population to that degree the government
       have, they need an opposition. To Anti-Rukh's annoyance, they
       represent this opposition. Militarily Rukh could have crushed
       Anti-Rukh in matter of months. But by doing this they will loose the
       external enemy the government need gather the population against.
       Thus Anti-Rukh are actually allowed some success in their work. But
       then only on a limited scale. Time to time Anti-Rukh have had some
       very successful operations. More successful than the Rukh would have
       allowed if they could control the events completely.
       However there is internal difficulties as well. The knowledge about
       the universe outside Rukh is limited by the general population. This
       helps to disinform the populace. So generally the population believes
       that the Anti-Rukh is the big bad alien that will kill them if they
       get the chance.
       The coreward worlds of Rukh are more distant to Anti-Rukh, thus the
       treat from them is smaller. To make this treat larger, Rukh have
       allowed a small number of Anti-Rukh sediments infiltrate these worlds.
       Rukh do also carry out operations to scare the population to believe
       that there is more enemies present than there really is. Thus creating
       the illusion of that they have been penetrated and the enemy is
       constantly in their midst.
       Uku is the secret police in Rukh. It is divided into four branches.
       Each with their own responsibility. The branches are:
         * Counter espionage. This branch monitor and arrest foreign spies
           that operates within the borders of Rukh.
         * Espionage. This branch run cover operation outside Rukh borders.
           Mainly in Anti-Rukh worlds, and in the worlds between Rukh and
         * Population control. This branch, which is the largest, monitors
           internal dissidents. This branch operates closely with Counter
           Espionage branch.
         * Military intelligence. This branch gathers military information
           from other worlds and interstellar governments outside Rukh.
       Uku have operatives and offices on all planets within Rukh borders.
       They are known to be ruthless, and are feared by the general
       * The book Alien Realms covers this incident in the module No Credit
       Check. The module do not specify what the following to this incident
       will be. By comparing the map in AM3 with the map in V&V there is a
       few worlds that have left Rukh. I decided that this incident caused

    Society of Equals

                     SOCIETY OF EQUALS, OR GEORGE ORWELL 5600AD
                                   Roger Myhre
       Society of Equals (SoE) are one of the oldest interstellar governments
       in Gvurrdon. It dates back to about year 400. Lack of records make
       this date uncertain. Neither are there any records available that
       tells who founded this government.
       In the latest 300 years it have stood as a steady rock in the usually
       fluctuating structure of the Vargr society. But this is only on the
       surface. It has gone through a lot of changes since it was founded
       years back.
       From 930 to 1030 it quadrupled in size, most of it can be explained by
       sharp charismatic increase in the leaders, but equally true is it that
       much of the territory fell for conquest. From 1030 to about 1110 there
       was little change in territorial boundaries.
       SoE had for a long time border disputes with Thirz Empire. In 1109
       when the old king of Thirz Empire died, plans for conquest in Thirz
       was laid. The young Vargr that inherited the throne was viewed as
       low-charismatic by the leaders in SoE. They counted on that his
       inexperience and relatively low charisma would make it an easy
       In 1111 they attacked over a broad frontline. At first they penetrated
       relatively deep into Thirz territory, but then it stopped. Thirz
       through their contact with the Zhodani managed to regroup and rebuilt
       what they had lost of military material. The throne heir did also have
       excellent leader capability which helped win the war for the Thirz
       Empire. When peace came in 1116 SoE had lost about 47% of their
       territory. Most of it to Thirz Empire. A few worlds rebelled and
       proclaimed themselves independent.
       Society of Equals are ruled by an elite council. This council are
       staffed by the most charismatic persons in the empire. There is one
       representative from each world. They have one vote every million
       inhabitant for the world they come from. Those worlds that do not have
       one million inhabitants have to group together so that they can get
       one or more votes.
       A council member sits until there comes another Vargr with higher
       charisma. As a rule of thumb, the one with the lowest charisma in the
       council must retire or withdraw if there is someone that have higher
    Equality, what equality?
       The gimmick with SoE is that before you can call yourself a worthy
       citizen of SoE, you have to be rated Equal. If a Vargr (or some other
       sophont) are going to have any of these careers he or she must be
       rated equal: Any military, Leader, Aristocrat and law enforcer.
       Even cubs from parents that have been rated equal must go through a
       test. Anyone that wants to may go through the test. It is usually
       taken at age of 16 to 18 years old.
       Not being rated equal do not spell disaster, but the choice of jobs
       are limited. For cubs to an aristocrat there will be a loss when the
       test fails. To be able to inherit the title and the estates the cub
       must be rated equal. If not, the cub will loose most of the
       The law does protect the un-equal from abuse, but they must take what
       is second best. If a new world is to be colonized the Equals may
       choose first where they want to have their estates mines or what ever.
       Those who fail the test get their canines pulled. In this way there
       will be no question about their social status. Those who do not take
       this test usually becomes wanderers. When they are inside the borders
       of SoE they must wear a special head wear and belt. These are not
       treated like citizens, so they cannot get any work. However they are
       free to go where they please as everyone else.
       REFEREE: For characters that are born in Dzen Aeng Kho, they have to
       roll this task before they choose one of the following careers: Any
       military, Leader, Aristocrat and Law enforcer.
       Referee: On a major mishap roll 1D+1 and subtract STR, DEX and END of
       the indicated amount. Example: The PC rolls a 4. He must subtract 2
       from STR and one from both DEX and END. For those who manage this task
       give a CHA+1 and a DM+1 on the enlistment roll on the chosen career.
       If the parents of the character is rated equal give a DM+1 on the
       above task. The parents are rated equal on a roll of 9+ on 2D.
       An Equal ranks above an unequal vargr, but there are exceptions. For
       instance an Unequal vargr may own a starship and have a crew which is
       mixed with Equal and Unequal crew. This tend to be rare, but the
       situation exist. Because a vargr is unequal he or she are not
       prevented from starting their own business. Equal vargr that seeks
       employment with them are doing this on their own. And are not forced
       in any way to do so.
       Only equals may have slaves. No citizen of SoE may become slaves,
       Equal or not. However there are rules about temporal slavery for
       unequals when they cannot pay for any damage they do on someone elses
       Slaves from outside are to be protected from hazards, but they can be
       put to dangerous and risky jobs. But only if they get neccesary safety
       equipment. A slave may also be sold further to others if the need
       Slaves are slaves for life. If the owner decides he or she may free
       the slave from slavery. Usually slaves that have performed far beyond
       their required service are often set free. A slave that have been set
       free must get funds enough to survive a month. A free slave may
       applicate for citizenship and then also become an Equal if the test
       for that rating is passed.
       The interstellar forces are financed by taxes of the different worlds.
       Council members have to contribute with their personal forces. How
       much they must contribute with depends on how wealthy and how large
       the population of his or hers world is. Low populated worlds usually
       only contribute with vargrpower that crew starships or are placed into
       infantry forces. More wealthy members contribute with starships.
       Larger starships like destroyers and cruisers are financed by the
    The Insignia
       The insignia symbols the canines of an equal. The canines are the
       symbol of strength and power. Who came up with the symbol is unknown,
       but the symbol is not as old as the SoE is.
       The teeth are white while the background is red, just like in the
       mouth of a Vargr. On military vehicles and starships the teeth are
       usually tipped with red so it looks like they have been drawn blood.
       The honorary guard have teeth painted in silver. This symbols their
       steel hard discipline and strength.

    Thirz Empire

                                  Roger Myhre
       Thirz Empire was founded in 1016 by Aztangkuella Thir(1). He came from
       an old family of aristocrats. Thir was born 969 on Uthgvoe (Gvurrdon
       0512). When he came of age he started in politics and soon got popular
       for his high charisma.
       In 1012 the interstellar government that Uthgvoe belonged to went
       through political upheaval. A short civil war followed. Uthgvoe was
       spared from most of the war by declaring neutrality. When the
       combatants had expended most its fighting strength Thir took a
       gambling chance an appealed to both sides. Peace talks started in late
       1014, and armistice was declared. In 1015 agreement was met. And in
       1016 Thir was declared unanimous by the new council, King of the new
       established empire.
       The King is the head of the government. Next under him is the council
       that are staffed by aristocrats that have been voted into their
       positions by the peerage. The peerage in consist of aristocrats that
       come from the different worlds in Thirz empire. A council member is
       voted into a position for 3 years. There is no limit on how long a
       member may be in the council.
       The different worlds are represented in the peerage, but only one
       aristocrat may represent the world in the council. Each world do also
       have a governor that represent the King on that world. This governor
       are usually from the world he or she is assigned to. In some cases the
       King may assign someone else as governor on that world. This is
       particulary done on worlds that have fallen for conquest. Most of the
       worlds Society of Equals lost to Thirz Empire have governors that is
       not citizen of that world.
       The king sits for life and his oldest son will take his seat if the
       king should die. He has vote in the council, but not a final decision.
       He have however delayed veto right. If a law or motion that he don't
       like are about to pass, he may lay down veto on the suggestion. The
       suggestion may not be taken up before 2 years have passed. The only
       member that can take it up before this time, is the king himself.
       All military forces in the imperium is under the kings command without
       exception when he can declare that the nation is under threat by
       outsiders. In peacetime he can only command the Imperial navy and the
       Imperial troop forces. These forces are financed in several ways.
         * Hiring out forces to non-Thirz worlds that need help.
         * Taxes on the different worlds.
         * Piracy in hostile space
    Relations to Zhodani 
       When Thir began to expand his imperium, Zhodani sought his cooperation
       when they could use him as a tool to prevent corsairs intruding on
       their worlds. They have helped Thirz Imperium with many things. A few
       of these things are:
         * Cheap psionic training for the royal family
         * Military aid. Giving Thirz better technology
         * Financial aid. Helping Thirz to establish trade agreement with
           Zhodani worlds.
         * Military advisors.
       Because of this many outside Vargr views Thirz Empire as a large
       client state of Zhodani.
    Current King
       The current king Oekhueso Thir took over only 20 years old in 1109. He
       is the fourth king in succession. His first major test was the
       Equality war fought from 1111 to 1116. Thanks to his training from his
       father and his tutors he managed to keep the enemy at bay. Even for
       his inexperience he managed to keep the council together so that he
       could draw on their experience to solve matters. He did not make any
       rash decisions. His analytical mind helped him to take the correct
       decisions where it counted.
       After the war he rolled on a wave of high charismatic increase. In the
       latest years he have been working to get the worlds conquered from
       Society of Equals to accept his leadership. A few worlds have been
       swayed when their living standard have improved somewhat after the
       Oekhueso Thir Current king of Thirz Empire
       59587B Hits 3/4 Terms: 3 Born 305-1089 on Uthgvoe
       Psionic power: 10, has no psionic ability.
       Handgun-1, Computer-1, Grav veh-1, Leader-3, Tactics-1, History-1
       The insignia of Thirz Empire is the same used by the family of Thir in
       more than 1200 years. The circle under the shield holds the personal
       emblem of the family member. Thus the shield is present in all the
       family insignias, but the personal insignia within this circle changes
       from person to person. Thus when the old king died in 1109, all
       military starships and banners had to change the circle under the
       shield to the one now present. The old king had a red flower as his
       personal emblem.
        The swords got red pommel and the shield is colored blue on the
       dexter side (left), and green in the sinister side (right). The star
       is black with bright golden background. The lower part of the wreath
       looking thing is colored blue like the dexter side of the shield.
       While the two branches that circles the shield has the same green
       color on the lower part as the sinister side of the shield. The upper
       part got a lighter shade of green.
       (1) On Uthgvoe the "z" in Thirz shows that the word Thirz is used as
       pronoun hinting to who owns the Imperium.

    Travelling in Gvurrdon

                            TRAVELLING IN GVURRDON SECTOR
                                    Roger Myhre
       As Gvurrdon is the only Vargr sector that survived the Virus, most of
       the everyday activities in this sector has been changed to ensure its
       survivability. The factions has been forced to cooperated with each
       other (sort of), to ensure this. However as the years has gone since
       the Virus struck, its presence as a danger source has been
       diminishing. Not that the Vargr populace are ignorant, but when the
       encounter with Virus ridden ships has been almost nonexistent since
       1190 the drive for re-expansion is making its presence. Only whats
       left of Thoengling Empire is taking a firm stand against recontact the
       lost Vargr worlds. Regencys pressure on this ssue is also an important
       Referees should limit the accessability over the UWP codes in Gvurrdon
       for two reasons. Firstly the information flow in Gvurrdon is slow, and
       the Vargr society is under constant change, and that drastically.
       Something that was true yesterday, may not be that today. Secondly is
       that one third of Gvurrdon is in the wilds. The players may dig up
       information on the worlds, but they should be old and outdated. The
       only information that holds true, is the worlds size, atmosphere and
       hydrosphere. These physical stats will not be changed by the Virus.
       Referees shoul also note that two of the worlds within the wilds are
       not rated as wilds in the trade classifications. The Droyne world,
       Tanga (2005) survived because Droyne with computer empathy
       interrogated the starship computers, if they was found containing the
       Virus, the ship was destroyed, without exceptions. Visitors to this
       world will find the Droyne mildly hostile. And everyone will get their
       ships searched, and computer checked thoroughly. Those who resist will
       be killed. No exceptions, and no appology offered. The other world
       Ozago (3107) with the alien race Opliaraz are so low in tech level
       that the Virus only had minor consequences. However players should not
       know this before they visit these places. Both of these systems has
       actually experienced increase of technology since the Virus arrived.
       Starship travel is at its high now in The New Era. Starship purchase
       is somewhat down, when all the factions has put up quarantine
       regulations. The trade between Gvurrdon states and Regency has been
       hampered by these quarantine regulations. Particalary trade from
       Gvurrdon into Regency has been hurt the most, when Regency has the
       strictes rules on quarantine. However crafts from Thirz Empire and
       Thoengling fare better through the quarantine than other crafts.
       Crafts from Corsair's Den are not admitted at all. Thirz Empire and
       Thoengling use the same transponder system as Regency, which was
       developed to halt the spread of the Virus. Commonality of Kedzudh was
       also offered the transponder suite, but declined when they was afraid
       that the transponder system had hidden functions that could render
       their ships inoperative. An understandable concern when Kedzudh and
       the old Imperium had a war going from 1117 to about 1120. However
       Kedzudh was not blind for the Virus. It did put up safeguards, but
       Regency are still not trusting that front too much.
       For those who got a starship one way or the other, should ensure that
       they got a certificate and valid transponder system. Both Thirz Empire
       and Thoengling are strict on these things. before a certificate is
       issued, the craft will go through a quarantine, and extensive testing
       and examination. Since the Virus came, the demand for better
       maintained ships has been increased. Thirz and Thoengling grounds any
       craft that are poorly maintained. The crafts must also go through a
       examination every 18 months to keep its certificate. To get a
       certificate cost about 12,000 credits to keep the certificate it cost
       5000 credits. There is possible to hold certificate from several
       factions, but only the certificates from Thirz, Thoengling and Zhodani
       are of any real value. However the other states, do also require
       certificates, but their tests and screening procedures are not up to
       the standard in the above mentioned states. The price of those
       certificates are high compared to the value of it. The price ranges
       from 8000 to 20,000 credits with renewal fee of about half that each
       Non-aligned Vargr worlds do usually not have certification systems,
       they hold the main certificates in quite high regard, and gives the
       holders of these certificates little fuzz. Corsair's Den are maybe the
       faction that gives a damn in where the craft comes from. Ruled by the
       once widespread Kforuzeng corsair band, the faction keeps to its name.
       You can sell almost anything here, no one asks where the merchandise
       comes from. And if you want to buy something this is the place to be.
       Even if the lawlevels are quite high on one of the world, there is
       usually no problem to get whatever you look after. You just has to
       find the right people, and the lawenforcement looks the other way far
       as you don't make trouble for the citizens of the system.
       As it has been thougher to get a craft legally, many new aspiring
       owners steal the crafts from others. Just by crossing a border you can
       escape procecution. Taking a stolen craft to Corsair's Den are maybe
       the easiest route. If the craft is stolen from a Thirz Empire
       registrated merchant going to Society of Equals(SoE) is a good number
       two when these two factions do not go well together. The only
       requirement is that you can prove that you have not stolen the craft
       from other belonging to that faction. SoE do got got quite strict
       screening procedures, but when they test ships that are stolen from
       Thirz, they are somewaht lax about it, and the price to get the
       certificate is cut in the procedure. Same with Corsair's Den, but the
       price is quite stiff, but then again they don't care where the craft
       comes from.
       A new way of getting a craft is to travel into the wilds and apprehend
       a working craft there. To date no one has returned with a working
       craft. At least not alive. But this is not known, when no one would
       actually admitt they got a craft from the wilds. They would likely
       loose it to the quarantine until hell freezes over. Someone with this
       kind of plans should have both a lot of money, and high Charisma to
       get other to follow him into this crazy stunt.
       For Virus protection Regency views SoE as the weakest link. This is
       due to that it does not go well with Thirz Empire. Thirz Empire has
       its guard up. Something that both Regency and Zhodani has seen to.
       Thirz Empire got a large fleet of naval ships to meet any Virus
       infected ships. Crafts that do not have the correct codes will
       immediately be put under quarantine, and movement restrictions. If the
       craft do not follow instruction it will be destroyed without warning.
       SoE views the naval build up in Thirz Empire suspiciously, diverging
       naval and intelligence resources to monitor Thirz Empire than watch
       out for the Virus. Thoengling on the other hand is commited to the
       bone. Loosing most of its territory due to an accident, they don't
       want that to happen again.
       Vargr ships proven easy to infect, but luckily enough the haphazard
       maintenance of the crafts made Vargr vampire ships a lesser threat.
       Prone to breakdown more often than not, the Virus progressed slowly.
       And Vargr unwilling to coopreate with electronic minds due to the
       non-Charismatic nature of the Virus made it difficult to get crew to
       the ships. As the standard of the ships increased by demand from both
       Regency and Zhodani the Virus found it more and more difficult to
       infect new ships as the old ones broke down. Still Regency view the
       coreward border carefully, expecting a breakthrough any moment. Only
       the future will tell if the Virus has been closed successfully out of
       what remains of Gvurrdon.

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