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    Massilia Sector - Credits
    The Massilia Sector data was ftped from Sunbane.
    This sector was also covered to some extent in issue 11 of
    The Travellers' Digest put out by Digest Group Publications
    in 1988. The people involved in the Massilia write-up from
    that issue were Nancy Parker and Robert Parker.
    One interesting tidbit about this sector is that while
    DGP spells it "Massilia", GDW seems to prefer the spelling
    "Massila". I wrote the TML asking for an explanation, and
    Mark Seemann ( wrote me back with the
         Massilia is the Latin word for the French city of
         Marseilles. It makes good sense that Solomani
         conquerers would name a sector after a Terran city,
         and the name would then have stuck. I don't think
         Massila means anything, and having heard about DGP's
         Gary Thomas' fondness for ancient Terran languages,
         this explanation makes the most sense to me.
    For this reason, and for the reason that DGP (not GDW) did the
    development of this sector, I decided to go with their version
    of the name.
    The TNE-RCES mailing list lead by Nicolas Lejeune() collapsed
    and created the 1200 version of Massilia Sector.

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