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    Riftspan Reaches - Credits
    The Riftspan Reaches data was ftped from Sunbane.
    Similar data seems to have been published in issue 19 of
    The Travellers' Digest put out by Digest Group Publications
    in May of 1990. James Holden is the person credited with
    the Riftspan Reaches write-up from that issue.
    The TNE version is my own forecast of the sector's fate 
    based on events published in the "Regency Sourcebook."
    TNE stats and notes are of my own determination. Worlds in the Wilds 
    were collapsed using the TNE rules, though they still show Aslan 
    government codes. The reason for this can be found on my website at:
    David Drazul (

    Sector History

    Riftspan Reaches Sector Information
    Discovery & Conflict
    The Rebellion
    Establishing the Khei
    The New Era
    Dominated by the Great Rift, the Riftspan Reaches Sector is appropriately 
    named. A 5 parsec route is all there is to allow traffic to cross the rift 
    through this sector. Although the endpoints are the same, the route does 
    split, forming a rough route shape of -{}-. Each branch is of the same 
    length so there is no time savings by taking one route over another.
    The explorer Ktouwaatritoikh discovered the jump-5 route across the rift in 
    -1044. "The Wahtoi clan were the first to exploit his discovery. Wahtoi 
    ihatei explored the worlds in and across the Rift, and the Wahtoi soon came 
    to dominate the sector. The clan established Khu Si'ikh, a corporation, to 
    trade throughout the Riftspan Reaches. As a result of the clan's importance, 
    the Wahtoi were given a seat on the Tlaukhu." [TD#19]
    Prosperity for the Wahtoi continued until -951 when a rebellion within the 
    ranks occurred. The Fteweyeakh, a splinter group, attempted a coup. They 
    were unsuccessful and forsaken as outcasts. The Fteweyeakh retreated to the 
    Hlakoi sector to regroup.
    The Wahtoi monopoly on Riftspan traffic made them grow soft. "Years passed 
    peacefully, until the upstart Aroaye'i clan of Aulryakh (0507) challenged 
    Wahtoi supremacy. Rivalry between the Aroaye'i and Wahtoi erupted into 
    full-scale clan war in -750. The Aroaye'i were determined to overcome their 
    second place status; within a year, they forced the Wahtoi to submit. In 
    settlement, they demanded equal partnership in trans-rift trade and 
    ownership of Khu Si'ikh."  [TD#19]
    Sensing weakness, the Fteweyeakh (200 years isn't enough time for a clan to 
    forgive a grudge) decided it was time to strike. This time they were 
    successful and the Wahtoi were beaten into subjugation.
    When word of the assasination of Strephon, and more importantly the Aslan 
    ambassador, reached the Aslan Hierate, it set a fire underneath the Aslan. 
    Aslan ihatei drove across the Hierate to join their clansmen here in the 
    Aslan colonies. The Aokhalte bloc led the charge as the ihatei began to 
    push their way coreward into the Trojan Reach and Spinward Marches>.
    Not all Aslan felt that attacking the Domain of Deneb was a good idea. The 
    Ikhtealyo and Isoitiyro blocs opposed it, though for different reasons 
    (economics and honor respectively). In 1119, hostilities between the clans 
    began. The Hlaotiyoiho fought with the Hlyueawi and knocked them from the 
    Meanwhile, Trojan Reach sector duchess Sharik Arcadia set plans in motion 
    to exploit factional differences among the Aorlakht clans. With the Aorlakht 
    clans fighting among themselves, the Aokhalte bloc expansion quickly came 
    to a halt. Arcadia shored up her position until reinforcements from Norris 
    arrived. With the proverbial calvalry on the scene, Arcadia drove the Aslan 
    back to antebellum boundaries by 1130.
    Relations between Humans and Aslan improved when Norris forewarned the Aslan 
    about Virus. Knowing full well that the newly formed Regency could not "go it 
    alone," he enlisted their aid in maintaining the Quarantine. Hailed as both 
    "a stroke of diplomatic genius" and "a deal with the Devil," nonetheless it 
    was not a moment too soon. A combined Regency-Aslan task force fought off 
    the great Vampire fleet invasion of 1131 at Waikhta (1420). It became 
    immediately apparent that clan cooperation would have to go to the next 
    Aokiylair subsector and its trailing neighbor, Ryuhleiea, were set up as 
    the front line of defense, often referred to as Khei, which translates to 
    "frontier stronghold," against Vampire fleet invasions. Unlike the Denebian 
    frontier, morale here is high. The Aslan who labor here feel that their 
    work avenges the wrongs done to their clans by Virus. They also view their 
    location as being prime real estate for what they perceive as an eventual 
    migration back into the old Hierate.
    After a number of decades, many clans demanded that the Tlaukhu begin the 
    return to the Hierate and their homeworlds. They were impatient with the 
    Regency, whom they perceived as hiding behind its precious Quarantine. This 
    vocal minority suggested a return to the Hierate could be done without the 
    Regency's knowledge. Since the Regency wasn't the enemy, there was no 
    dishonor in not announcing the challenge to Virus to spectators. 
    Justification for these clandestine operations was deliberated heavily 
    among the Tlaukhu. Pro-Regency clans argued that the Regency had been 
    nothing but forthright with the Aslan since word of Virus broke. Others 
    claim that clan honor against Virus had to be served. To not do so would be 
    Rukhtiywe (the act of denying one's Aslan-ness). The pro-Regency clans 
    relented on the condition that the Khei be maintained at all costs.
    The Aslan finally began forays in the Rift in 1183. Expeditions methodically 
    swept systems and, once cleansed, were mined. Regular patrols ensured that 
    minefields were maintained and destroyed anything even remotely appearing 
    Although reclamation wasn't perfect, the Khei Aslan finally managed to push 
    their way to Wahtoikoeakh (2936) in 1194. This TL-14 industrial world, 
    formerly a Fteweyeakh stronghold, had become a Vampire stronghold. Factories 
    churned out infected robots and ships for several decades, which would be 
    sent out to rimward systems. It was also the source of infrequent attacks 
    against the Khei. A 2-year campaign was required to finally break the 
    Although Wahtoikoeakh has become environmentally hostile, the Khei Aslan 
    are determined to establish another Khei here. Wahtoikoeakh's closest 
    neighbors are 3 parsecs away, a decent barrier but not enough to stop any 
    of the vampire fleets which originated there.
    Shortly after the Regency announced that it would be opening its borders to 
    Corridor to outbound traffic only, the Aslan announced the same for the 
    CT Alien Module 1: Aslan
    DGP's Solomani & Aslan
    Travellers' Digest Issue 19
    Regency Sourcebook

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